5 Useful Display Tips To Increase Sales Jewelry Retail Store

Useful Display Tips To Increase Sales Jewelry Retail Store
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Jewelry store fixtures are essential in jewelry stores, The purpose of jewelry display is to make customers clearly understand the characteristics and quality of the goods and promote customers’ desire to buy. We should equip the display fixtures with methods and techniques, not just taking the goods out and putting on the showcase, Drive our customers to pay more attention to the goods and stimulate the customers’ desire to buy.

Shop jewelry display is a basic form of visual marketing. The work efficiency and service quality of sales clerks are also closely related to the jewelry display. Therefore, the jewelry display determines the sales situation of the shop to a certain extent. The following five aspects we should pay attention to in jewelry display and display of jewelry brands:

1. Keep Conspicuous

The so-called conspicuous means that to make the “most wanted goods” easy to sell, shops try their best to set them in a conspicuous place and height, which can also be called effective display. When making an effective presentation, we must first consider the value of the goods and their purchase frequency. We should try to choose an attractive location for display For the goods that we want to sell.

The best display height is generally between 85CM ~ 120cm, which is the most easily found display position for eyes, so it is the best display position. When we choose jewelry display showcases or wall cabinets, we should focus more on the height of displays.

2. Easy to choose and take

People don’t like to trouble others psychologically. If you want to look at a piece of jewelry carefully, you need to trouble others, which will bring psychological pressure to customers. To cater to the customers’ psychology and eliminate the purchasing pressure, we must use the display mode, which is easy to choose and take.

Easy choice means that the goods in the store are displayed so that it is easy for customers to choose. The relevant goods should be considered before classified display. Each shop’s different scale, industry, and policy will also lead to different classification methods and display space.

3. Improve freshness

Visual freshness can constantly stimulate people’s consciousness. Display with high freshness can make customers feel the richness of jewelry products and the liveliness of display. If you often visit a shop and find different patterns of goods every time, you will also feel that the goods in this shop are “updated very quickly” and “sold very well.” Therefore, if you want to improve the freshness, you can start by changing the window theme according to the season and updating the jewelry display regularly.

Anyone in the choice of favorite goods, of course, likes to choose from many kinds, most of the quantity, to get shopping satisfaction. However, putting a large number of goods on hand will cause customers to choose repeatedly, so we should pay attention to the influence of the number of goods on customers’ choice.

4. Increase value

A perfect jewelry display is an excellent way to improve sales volume. To attract customers and improve sales volume by displaying the charm and value of commodities. Even for the same commodity, customers may have a different evaluation of its value due to different display methods. Before the display, we must first clear the positioning of goods and customers and then consider which display method can show the best effect, which is most acceptable to customers. The display combination of mainly considers the combination of jewelry and related products, which is affected by the display effect and closely related to the store image.

5. Eye-catching

The unique door and window, the bright and unobstructed environment, the eye-catching pile and layout, and the crowd of people create a visual atmosphere that can let passers-by stop and look around, come in to find out – improve the rate of entering the store. This way of display, the appealing theme is necessary, this theme can effectively play its effect. The eye-catching display mode can vary with different brands and positioning objectives.

When the jewelry is placed inside the counter, it looks wonderful due to the lighting and background. Customers often ask to take out the jewelry products and observe them. And this requires the salesperson to master specific display skills. When the jewelry is taken out, it is also beautiful and charming, which plays a prominent role in improving the transaction rate

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