All You Need to Know About Touch Typing Practice

Touch Typing Course
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Typing is a crucial aspect in many professions. However, it can become tedious if you haven’t learned it as a skill. Touch typing is a new technique that has become popular in recent years to make typing easier and faster. Hunt and Peck Method, also known as the Columbus method, involves searching for the letter and pressing the key, which is quite inconvenient and time-consuming. On the contrary, touch typing makes typing more convenient and helps you advance your career. Want to know the benefits of touch typing and why you should practice it? This article explores the reasons you should undertake touch typing and how it helps you become more efficient in typing. 

Reasons Why You Should Practice Touch Typing

Listed below are some reasons you should learn and practice touch typing:

Achieve Accuracy

Touch Typing, if practiced appropriately, gives you immense accuracy in typing. With touch typing, you will type with enough speed and enough accuracy without having to hunt for the correct key and press it. With touch typing, you will also quickly get to know your mistakes and, in the process, improve your typing. Typing accuracy will give you enough ammunition to get a good job. If you want to gain more accuracy in your typing, you can enroll in the touch typing course online

Attain Speed

Speed is a significant factor in typing. To type efficiently, you must have appropriate speed. By enrolling in a class, you will be able to practice it regularly and methodically, improving speed. And increased speed will lead to increased efficiency. 

Attain Focus

In hunt-and-peck typing, the focus is divided into searching for the correct keys and pressing them to type words into the computer screen. However, this process reduces focus. With touch typing, you can focus on typing words on the screen instead of focusing on both searching for keys and typing. 

Allow Editing

Hunt and Peck’s style of typing is a tedious process that does not allow editing, as the typists tend to look at the keyboard instead of the computer screen. However, with touch typing, you do not have to look at the keyboard much. You can just look at the computer screen and rectify your mistakes. 

Save Time

Time is a significant factor when you type in a professional setting. With Hunter and Peck typing, it will take a long time for you to type since it involves searching for the correct keys and pressing them. However, touch typing does not require searching for keys and pressing them. Therefore, with touch typing, you can type the required number of words quickly. 


These are some reasons for you to learn and practice touch typing. If you are looking for a platform to help you learn touch typing, then Cudoo is the right platform. It is an e-learning platform that provides more than 1300+ courses, allowing you to gain professional and soft skills. So, join Cudoo to access the best touch typing courses now!

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