Arizona Child Protective Services

arizona CPS
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In Arizona, Child Protective Services (CPS) investigates child safety concerns and documents that determination within 48 hours. The goal is to make a safety plan for the child while the investigation is ongoing. This plan may include moving the arizona CPS perpetrator outside the home or another caregiver into the home. In some cases, the investigation may be in its early stages and a plan may be put into place immediately to keep the child safe.

a stand-alone agency

On January 16, 2018, the governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, addressed an audience at the state Capitol. Our address was intended to launch the legislative session. Governor Brewer signed an executive order abolishing Arizona Child Protective Services, or CPS. We will instead create the new Division of Child Safety and Family Services (DCSF), which will be led by us.

The new DCS was established in Laws 2014, Second Special Session, Chapter 1, after a study showed that more than 6500 child abuse cases had been investigated. Governor , at the time, publicly urged lawmakers to create a separate agency for DCS, and lawmakers listened. In addition to establishing DCS as a stand-alone agency, Governor Brewer has created a new division within the governor’s cabinet. This division will be headed by Charles Flanagan, who previously served as Leiter of the Department of Corrections.

arizona CPS

a shortage of foster parents

The crisis of child welfare in Arizona has put the spotlight on the need for more foster parents. The state has more children in foster care than any other state in the country, but Arizona’s shortage of foster parents is a major concern. DCS is in need of foster parents to care for as many as nine children immediately. DCS tries to keep siblings together, but large groups are difficult to place. State Rep. The state must invest in preventative services to fill the shortfall in foster care.

According to the Chronicle of Social Change, Arizona has lost 10 percent of its foster homes since last year. While many other states saw declines, Arizona’s loss is much larger. The state’s shortage of foster parents has made it nearly impossible to care for all of Arizona’s children. In response, state officials have launched efforts to recruit new foster parents. The goal is to fill the gap until more foster homes are available.

a shortage of out-of-home care

The state of Arizona’s child welfare system has been called broken for decades. Data shows one in every 100 children is placed in out-of-home care. While there’s no specific reason for the decrease, many factors are contributing to the problem. While the budget cuts caused by the recession hit many services essential for struggling families, the state legislature increased costs by cutting funding for child care services. Ultimately, these cuts resulted in a shortage of out-of-home care in Arizona.

Despite an estimated $1 billion in federal funding each year, the state has failed to meet the demand for out-of-home care. Only one expert was confident Arizona would take action to address the problem. However, state lawmakers have failed to provide money to improve Arizona’s child care system in the past, making the problem even more pronounced. Now, they are mulling how to improve the situation.

arizona CPS

a lack of transparency

The state of Arizona has a long history of corruption and a lack of transparency in the public school system, but a recent report shows that public outrage has not been as strong as many would like. That’s a troubling trend, especially when considering that the governor appointed a former police officer to lead CPS. This lack of transparency should prompt the governor to investigate the matter. But if he doesn’t, he may face political retribution.

In response to the criticism, We announced that we replacing the state’s troubled child welfare agency with a new Cabinet-level division. However, children’s advocacy groups are eager to learn more about the new agency. The agency failed to investigate more than six thousand allegations of child abuse, according to investigators. The new agency will report directly to Brewer. But many have questioned whether this move will actually make a difference.

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