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Are you tired of manually recording your employees’ attendance?

Now is the perfect time to invest in efficient and trustworthy workforce management software.

With the help of the software’s attendance management solution, you and your employees can faultlessly mark attendance. Companies need to record accurate attendance data for further functioning.

Choosing a good workforce management software is essential. One who can, along with attendance, also manage and increase the productivity of your employees.

TrackoField is one such field force management software that comes with the promise of offering much more than what is expected of it.

Challenges Faced by the Organization Regarding Attendance

Only a small organization of 10-15 employees can afford to record attendance manually, not without errors. 

But well-established companies can’t afford to record faulty attendance as it will cost them too much time and money. 

Companies that have not yet employed attendance management solution are bound to face multiple challenges. Ultimately these challenges will affect the employees’ and managers’ productivity levels and task management and completion skills.

Some of the challenges regarding attendance the company might have to battle with are:

Errorful Attendance

Managers are humans and bound to make mistakes while recording attendance on paper or on online spreadsheets. But this can quickly turn into a big mess as the team grows. Or when managers might lack time to do some admin work. There have also been cases where the employees have forgotten to mark their attendance. All this adversely affects the data collection of the company.

Waste of Time

Verifying each employee’s timesheet and determining their payroll is time consuming, especially regarding a large team comprising field executives.

Managers already have a lot on their plate; recording accurate attendance is an added stress. Often employees flood the manager’s cabin regarding some mistake in their attendance. This way, managers have no time to focus on their job, such as forming future workforce management strategies. 

This can cause the company’s revenues to suffer as the manager will fail to form productive and efficient strategies.

Time Theft

Time theft occurs when employees try to get paid for the time they don’t work. This can be in the form of buddy punching. This can cause the company to lose out on productivity and money.

More Paperwork

The company must record and store employee work hours for compliance purposes. If you are still using timesheets to do so, you will soon drown in the boredom that comes with paperwork.

Storing paperwork is not easy. It requires proper storage, and retrieving the required data over time will become hard.

What the company does not require for sure is to hire an employee to organize and look after the paperwork. This will prove to be highly cost inefficient.

Why Should You Upgrade to Attendance Management Solution

Opting for an attendance management solution through workforce management software can significantly help employees and managers. It is a boon to both parties.

Many of the challenges mentioned above can be avoided or easily overcome with a sound attendance management system. 

Companies utilizing attendance management solutions are 40% less likely to commit errors.

Error Free Attendance

Since the attendance management solution automates the attendance recording, the chances of error reduce dramatically. In addition, this is tasks and shift allocation easier for managers.

Error-free attendance is also beneficial in payroll processing, as managers can easily track employees’ time off and hours worked. 

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Workforce management software allows employees and managers to focus on vital tasks. They are not required to pay heed to the accuracy of the attendance. 

The employees do not have to worry about being paid inaccurately. Managers have more time on their hands to plan strategies and tasks. He can now focus on the work of his employees and try to utilize their productivity fully.

Even the employees can focus on their work instead of tricking the attendance system.

Trouble Free Shift Scheduling

Good workforce management software will always have an attendance dashboard to aid managers in scheduling shifts. Through the software, the managers can see who all are on leave and present to determine the shifts appropriately. 


Many teams comprise both in-office employees and field executives. It will be a waste of time and fuel for field executives to travel daily to the office to mark their attendance. This will also lower their productivity level, and they will also struggle to complete their tasks.

Through the help of the remote attendance feature in the workforce management software, field employees can mark their attendance remotely. As a result, they are no longer required to come to the office.

This will convince you to ditch the manual method of attendance recording.

How Can Workforce Management Software Help 

TrackoField is a workforce management software that can help the company automate and record attendance accurately with the help of its attendance management solution.

TrackoField is a leading workforce management software in the industry. It offers features and tools that make recording and marking attendance a piece of the cake. It has state-of-the-art features that will benefit companies along with recording accurate attendance.

Remote Attendance

Marking attendance remotely has been made possible with TrackoField. Through the employee app, field executives can mark their attendance from the field. As a result, they do not have to waste their time traveling to the office daily. Instead, they can utilize that time to complete their tasks.

Geo Coded Attendance

TrackoField offers geo-coded attendance, which genuinely makes the software the most sought-after. The attendance marked by the field employees is geo-fenced, meaning they can only mark their attendance when they reach the first place of the task. This leaves no scope for fraudulent Practices.

Visual Verification

If the manager is still unsatisfied with the geo-fenced attendance, they can ask for visual verification. The field executives will have to send a picture. Every picture will have latitude and longitude and time of capture mentioned. Through this feature, the chances of proxy attendance are eliminated.

On The Go Leave

There are times when field executives might come across a family emergency and have to take a leave. Now it is not possible to travel to the office and meet the manager every time. Through the employee application of TrackoField, they can easily apply for leave even on the field.

Furthermore, instead of constantly calling for updates, they will be notified if and when the manager approves the leave.

Insights and Dashboard

The right workforce management software will always provide managers with insightful reports. With a few clicks, the managers can generate reports on hours worked, overtime, and monthly summary data of employees.

Even the employees can check their dashboard to know the total amount of leaves left or hours they need to complete. Through these features, task generation and completion are streamlined.

Linked Task and Attendance

An able workforce management software allows managers to link attendance and tasks. And since attendance can only be marked once the employees are on the field, they cannot complete the tasks unless they mark the attendance.

Manage Your Field Executives Better with TrackoField

Good workforce management software lets you handle all your employees’ attendance efficiently, aiding the company’s operations. Since the software handles the attendance issue, leaving a lot of time for managers and employees to complete tasks efficiently.

Investing in excellent field employee management software is almost a necessity of business. So why not invest in the country’s leading workforce management software – TrackoField. 

It comes with top-notch features and tools and promises to manage your workforce and its functions seamlessly.

So what are you waiting for? Get your demo now!

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