Best Indian Restaurant in Abu Dhabi serves scrumptious cuisine

Best Indian Restaurant in Abu Dhabi
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Indian food includes various cuisines from India and its neighboring places. They basically use different spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits to make unique dishes. Land on Sajway as it is one of the best Indian Restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Many popular Indian restaurants nowadays are family-owned or first-generation establishments. When you’re new to this cuisine, it’s essential to know what type of food to order. Here are some reminders about what to buy at Indian restaurants:

Know what to Eat

Its influence comes up from different countries like China, Persia, Portugal, and England. The Indian region that is Buddhism also affects the food choices so most of them prefer eating vegetables to meat. The Best Indian Restaurant in Abu Dhabi (أفضل مطعم هندي في أبو ظبي) Serves super-delicious dishes to you.


They actually serve it with a sauce, such as chutney or yogurt, to balance the pungent taste. The most famous appetizer is the samosa, a fried pastry with mixed vegetables, meat, and spices inside the dough. The only difference is that people fry it without adding ingredients to the dough.


Most people prefer to order a lassi, a sweet yogurt-based shake. If you are looking for alcoholic drinks then you may order an India Pale Ales or else IPA. The best Indian Restaurant in Abu Dhabi aims to keep in consideration your health.

Main Dishes

These are restaurants that provide complete vegetarian food for people who do not eat meat. There are cases when chefs change their meat dishes to vegetable substitutes to suit the taste of the customer. It is made of meat or vegetables soaked in yogurt or coconut-based marinade.


Most restaurants aim to sweeten their puddings and ice creams with fruits like pomegranates, mangos, and bananas.

Gravy and Spicy Food Choices

Never select the spicier dishes if you merely begin. Chances are they may give you over the food and waste your money after having a bite. Stick to mild foods and order a spicier dish when you think you may handle it.

There occurs a general rule within Indian cuisine wherein you may order a high-gravy dish with another drier food. The gravy gives up a better taste to rice dishes. You may also order a chapatti, paratha, and Naan to balance the drier dishes. The rich flavors, spices, and creamy sauces of Indian cuisine become popular with people across the globe.  When you seek out a delicious dish, an Indian Restaurant turns out to be the best way to go.

When one gets to relish Indian Foods in a foreign land, doesn’t it feels like home? For all those who visit this restaurant, you need not worry about not getting authentic Indian Food. Abu Dhabi is perfect in this sense indeed. For all the times when you get bored with French fries and burgers, you would not have to look around much. You simply need to stop at any Indian Restaurant and then get to savor the best of Indian Foods. The city is very dynamic and aims to host a variety of cuisines for you to enjoy. Food turns out to be an integral part of the festivities or holidays, so pick the right restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Connect with the Best Indian Restaurant in Abu Dhabi so as to enjoy your favorite dish.

Abu Dhabi is surely a vibrant and beautiful city. It aims to host every cuisine from Mexican to Indian.  There are some classic entertainment options while the people get to experiment with a variety of food, culture, theatre, art, and entertainment. Best Filipino Restaurant in Abu Dhabi (أفضل مطعم فلبيني في أبو ظبي) is a popular dining option for family diners or formal corporate lunches and parties. The rich Indian cuisine serves every palate and makes up a great meal. Getting to eat yummy food, chill with drinks and have lovely organizations make for a great night in any place. So if you are visiting this restaurant then be sure to try out the best Indian dish at Sajway.

You may try the Roast Beef Tenderloin with Butternut Squash which is very delicious. You may taste the smoothness of the dish since it is reminiscent. This turns out to be the standard favorite dish. You would surely love the stew made with zucchini, summer squash, corn, and beans. It melts in your mouth like anything.

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