6 Amazing Camera Features Exclusive to New Pixel 6 Smartphones

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Mobile enthusiasts have taken to Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The satisfaction is almost the same as internet geeks get from a high-speed service like Cox Gigablast. In other words, users are almost universally happy with the results. Like the ones preceding them, Pixel 6 phones come with some colossal features. Some of the newest camera quirks and features make them a favorite among ‘Pic to go’ wizards on social media.   

Explore 6 cool tricks you can do with your Pixel 6 cameras. Remember, these are exclusive features. They are not available in other smartphones in the market. 

Double Tap to Snap 

This lovely trick allows you to bypass the security features to get to the camera directly. Pixel 6 cameras come with the handy feature to snap the camera on if you give back of the phone quick two taps. No need to fumble with the security features or other touch buttons. A quick two-tap feature opens the camera instantly. Don’t worry about losing precious time before taking a wildlife photo or capturing an emotion. 

Action Pan 

Action and motion-oriented photographers love this feature. It allows them to take sharp photographs in real-time during the action itself. This happens by blurring the background and focusing on the moving object of focus. It is wonderful if you like to take photos while moving. For example, as you go on a skateboard down a hill. Or from a moving car. Or even when enjoying a ride on your bike. 

All you do to activate this feature is go to the Camera application on your brand new Pixel 6 and/or your Pixel 6 Pro. Quickly swipe through the modes located beneath the button for the shutter. Tap?Motion, and then choose?Action pan. Use the button to control the shutter as you normally do to capture an image.? 

Long Exposure  

This action is if you want to blur whatever is moving in a frame. But you can still keep a stationary object in focus. This function is opposite to the action pan. But if you want to take the picture of your child enjoying a kid’s amusement ride, then this is the feature for you. The camera will focus on the child. In parallel, it gives the background a blurred movement look. 

To use this feature, you go to the camera application. Look through all the modes located under the shutter buttons. Then, choose Long exposure, and click the button use the shutter and take your photo. 

Since Google has added some hard and software improvements into the Pixel 6 cameras, you can see the instant results of these features when editing in Photos. 

Skin Tone Adjustment 

We all know that Google has some of the largest photo data in its database. For this fantastic feature, google used its database to develop software to choose the skin tone as close as possible to the people in the picture. Additionally, it offers some amazing added features along with skin tone adjustment.  

The Pixel 6 cameras automatically process photo enhances such as white balance and color. But it can also allow you to change brightness and exposure setting. This helps to better suit the result to the skin type and natural tone. This feature proves very useful in a group photo.  

This is a by default feature so the results can be enjoyed instantly. It is made possible by the use of improved hardware, a tailor-made Tensor chip, which is specially developed for Google’s AI and is used in its Pixel 6 cameras. 

Erasing Feature 

This is really the professional style erasing feature for all those perfectionists who like to use Photoshop before posting their pics on social media. The latest Pixel 6 camera brings this erasing feature in your palm. Though it works best in pictures with a constant background like a wall or sky, it can also be used on other objects in the picture to get that studio perfection.  

To use the Magic Eraser feature, you must go to google photos, select the image, tap Edit, Tools, and select the Magic Eraser feature. Tap on the area you want to Edit to get suggestions from the app or circle around the area or person you want removed or erased. It takes just a couple of seconds to show the results.  

Night Sight, Optical, and Digital Zoom 

Though the night sight feature is available in all of Google’s super-strength cameras in all of the company’s smartphones with night mode cameras, but this feature is particularly superb i

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones. This feature is found in the list of modes under the shutter button in your camera application. 

Pixel 6 Pro, outclasses the Pixel 6 in this feature. The Optical and Digital zoom feature is only available in Pixel 6 Pro. In the Pro series, the camera is equipped with 4x Optical Zoom capability. But only in the rear-facing Camera.

This is a new a new high, set by Google for its Pixel 6 series. This feature means that you can go 4x closer to your object without losing image quality. To activate this feature, just tap the 4x button located just over the on-screen button while taking a picture.     

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