Do You Want to Save More Money? Start with Your Utility Bills!

Save More Money
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Savings are the prime factor when you have an unsettled financial life. People use various tricks to save more money for the future. However, some struggle to do that, while few able to accumulate funds for future concerns.

Here, we have come up with a crucial way to save more money into your account. Yes, it is none other than your utility bills.

Feel surprised? Well, you may be. 

Almost 90 per cent of people feel disguised from their bills. They generate them from the regular motion of fan and activities of electrical appliances. Sometimes, when we leave the fan turn on, we feel guilt for the same. It will lead to a hike in bills, but the reality is something more drastic.

You will wonder if a normal ceiling fan and your LED TV runs at only 75 wattages. You use the energy-efficient refrigerator, which can use only 1 unit per day. The compressor of the energy-efficient fridge remains active for 7 hours a day. It does maintain the temperature.

Then we have to find the main factor for utility bills. The reason is using those appliances that bear the maximum wattage. You must know which appliance consumes much energy to learn how to save power energy. Thus, it helps in cutting utility bills.   

What covers utility bills?

Why do you see a drastic hike in electricity bills? The appliances including, Geyser, Air conditioner, Microwave and Electric Iron are the reasons. You will see it weird that a Steam Iron consumes more electricity than a normal Iron. It is equal to the energy consumption of an Air conditioner.

This same thing happens to your refrigerator, as the appliance that you have to run non-stop. We never think of it while buying it.

  • How much power it will consume?
  • Do we check whether it has energy saving mode or not?

If it is there, then the compressor consumes less power.

If you are using a second-hand refrigerator, you will see 2 to 3 units in a day. The energy-efficient fridge consumes only one unit in a day.

You might think that we need these appliances today. We cannot survive without them, then how we will reduce the utility bills and save more.

You can buy energy-efficient appliances. They may need hefty funding. Still, you can cover the amount with high acceptance payday loans from direct lenders

In this blog, you will see how one can reduce his or her utility bills. You can do this by following the above tips for saving electricity. Besides, you can have more savings in your pocket by purchasing energy-efficient appliances.

Tips for saving electricity bills and MONEY too

The right use of Air conditioner

  • We should always turn on our Air conditioner at the setting of temperature to 21-22 degree. This will make the compressor reduce the consumption of power to 30 per cent.
  • This will save your money from getting spent on the payment of utility bills.
  • We need to wash the filter of our Air conditioner at least once a week. It is because the dust collected in the filter will reduce the cooling effect.
  • The clean filtered Air conditioner will impart the cooling at a 22-degree temperature. It is like the Air conditioner with a contaminated filter imparting at 16 degrees.
  • Apart from this, if your AC has an energy-saving mode, then you need to run it at energy saver mode. This will turn on and off the compressor, and you will not have any idea. It will save your 20 to 25 degree.

Save electricity with LEDs

If you have a regular bulb at your home, you need to replace it with LED lights and fixtures. A regular bulb will consume 100 wattages, whereas LED bears only 8 to 10 wattage, saves 90% less power, and reduces your utility bills.

Tips related to Fridge

Every fridge has different modes, say, high, moderate and low. The high option increases the extreme cooling and hence consumes more energy. It is thus suggested to you that you should keep your refrigerant level low.

Place the fridge with a gap of 2 to 3 inches from the wall. This will allow the heat to escape and maintain the cooling inside.

Other savings

  • Always prioritise the Gas Stoves using LPG or PNG gases overusing microwave, electric kettle and electric stove.
  • You need to switch off or turn off the electrical appliances. Plug out them from the main power when they are not in use. You should not keep them turned on constantly, as this will make a hike in your utility bills.
  • You should wash clothes and do other washing jobs once a week. 


You should follow the above mentioned tips in your day-to-day life to save more money. You can reduce your energy consumption at a very high rate. When you buy a new Air conditioner or refrigerator, you first need to look at their star ratings.

You can cut down your utility bills so that your lifestyle must follow your pockets. You will never face your hiked bills and extra burden to your finances.

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