Dubai vs Abu Dhabi: Which is better for Renting a Property?

Dubai vs Abu Dhabi Which is better for Renting a Property
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Everyone knows that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the two main pillars of the economic progression of the UAE. While Dubai has all the glitz and glamour that expats demand, Abu Dhabi dutifully showcases bread-winning qualities. Let’s assume you’re moving to the UAE to make a decent living; how will you choose between the two cities?

The decision gets harder, particularly when it comes to housing. However, we’ve jotted down all the possible housing costs you’ll encounter. 

Whether you’re seeking a property to rent in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, it gets easier as we’ve compared the two cities to help you with the decision-making.

  1. Housing Rent

Renting is one of the most stubborn costs, which tenants must adhere to consistently. You can choose between apartments, villas, townhouses and penthouses per your budget and needs. As for the cost, a studio apartment in Dubai comes off an annual rent between AED 34k to AED 81k. On the other hand, the same property in Abu Dhabi will cost you around AED 40k to AED 86k. Remember that these rental rates rise with space.

  1. Groceries 

Another essential expense to consider with the costs is your monthly grocery shopping. It mainly depends on your dietary needs and human preferences; that’s why the monthly grocery bill is unpredictable, regardless of where you reside. However, when comparing the prices of essential household items, the costs of groceries in both states are nearly identical.

  1. Utilities 

Aside from the housing and groceries, tenants will also ponder over the costs of electricity and water connection. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) provides these resources in Dubai. In contrast, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) grants these connections. Comparatively, the former is more expensive.

  1. Transportation 

Since Dubai bends more toward luxury, most residents own a vehicle. Yet, a majority still opt for public transportation to commute to their workplaces. Dubai provides an extensive route of Metro buses, Dubai Tram, public buses, and Dubai ferries to its citizens. The monthly cost of this commute revolves around AED 350. On the contrary, public transport in Abu Dhabi includes taxis and public buses, costing you around AED 80 per ride.

  1. Entertainment 

Tenants will be delighted to know that Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer many entertainment options. They have everything from great dine-in eateries to sandy beaches, grand shopping malls, and high-tech cinemas. In this regard, it’s wise to keep aside a decent budget for leisure activities over the weekends and holidays. All in all, the cost of having fun in both cities is quite similar.

Dubai vs Abu Dhabi: What’s better? 

With options for every budget regarding housing, entertainment, schooling and more, leading an affordable life is possible. Usually, those living in Dubai can expect the rent in Abu Dhabi to be higher. Likewise, the citizens of Abu Dhabi stay fascinated by Dubai’s dreamy life. Either way, it’s a win-win situation. Hopefully, this guide will be handy when choosing between these two cities.

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