Explore More About Penile Enlargement Surgery

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The world is progressing in various fields, especially medical ones. Suppose you are not satisfied with your body type and want to improve with the help of surgery. It will be done within a few seconds, and the best part is that you can continue your routine, as surgery will not affect your daily work.

You must have discovered various advertisements claiming to enlarge the penis and clinics performing penile enlargement surgery, but you should have accurate information regarding the surgery. Through this article, you will get complete knowledge about the surgery.

Procedure for the surgery

The surgery is needed only in some rare cases, and it is reserved for men whose penis doesn’t function properly because of a problem present at birth or an injury. Many clinics have qualified surgeons who provide the surgery with various technical methods. When surgery was introduced, it was only for conducting experiments.

The surgery does not provide the proper structure to the penis but will enlarge its structure. There may be some risks involved in the surgery if you have not hired a professional. There are some steps involved in the surgery:

Cutting the suspensory ligament

This method involves cutting the ligament that connects the penis to the pubic bone, and with this, the penis is enlarged by using the skin taken from the abdomen to the penis shaft. If the ligament is removed, the penis is more likely to hang and seems more extended, but its current shape is not altered.

This ligament has a regeneration property and will grow again, so the surgery is performed with some additional changes, like removing extra fat on the pubic bone. This will not allow the ligament to grow; if it grows, your penis will also enlarge.

Fat injection

The procedure involves taking fat from an area and inserting it into the penis, which will enlarge the size of your penis. Still, the body sometimes absorbs the fat, or your penis can be enlarged improperly, so you must take some precautions before going for the injections. You have to ensure that fat is added correctly and should not cause trouble afterward. The fat should be from specific areas like the thighs or abdomen because these areas have much fat and don’t cause any pain even if you have removed much fat.

Tissue grafting

This method involves the addition process. It is carried by taking a graft from one part of the body and inserting it into the penis. The cut part is sewn on the shaft of the penis so it can be enlarged.

Penis implants

This surgery involves inserting the extracted part inside the skin of your penis, making it thicker and more prominent. The surgery has proved to be risky as it can cause infections, but if performed with precautions, it could lead to better results.

Precautions to take before the surgery

If you want to have enlargement surgery, then some questions need to be answered by you, like if you are healthy or not, because if you are not healthy, then you cannot take the heavy anesthesia dose as it can hinder your metabolism. They will also ask you about your previous surgical history. If you have a previous surgical history, they suggest you drop the idea of penis enlargement.


If you want to increase the size of your penis, you must undergo enlargement surgery, and it will not be safe if you have not contacted a professional who can perform the surgery correctly.

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