Here’s why most new tech devices don’t need extra warranties, and when they do

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The fact that almost all electronic products ship with a limited warranty period is commonplace. For instance, smartphones and laptops ship with warranties of around 1 year when it comes to hardware or technical issues. Owners of such devices can check the terms of their manufacturer’s warranty online to confirm its validity.

For instance, Dell warranty check can be performed easily, thanks to the in-built Dell Support Assist program. This program is available out of the box, thereby not requiring users to install it separately.

Besides this limited manufacturer’s warranty, laptop owners can also choose to acquire additional coverage periods with the help of extended warranty facilities.

What is an extended warranty?

Extended warranty is the additional period of warranty, which laptop owners can buy separately while buying the device. Thus, a Dell warranty check, in such cases, would reveal warranty validity of 2 years or more for a new device. Such extended warranty ensures that you can seek repairs at no additional cost from the manufacturing brand for a significant tenure.

However, in some cases, you may not be required to avail any extra warranty due to a better and upgraded replacement availability of such technology. Contrarily, below is an elaboration on when you might need such a warranty.

When should you seek extended warranty on tech devices?

An extended warranty is a good idea for certain products, but not so for others. For example, if you change smartphones every year, availing extended warranty on one such handset would not be beneficial.

However, most consumers purchase laptops that are used for at least 5-6 years. For these products, an extended warranty can be highly useful. Since the basic warranty period ends after the first year, this warranty extension should ensure coverage for the computer for longer spans. Therefore, laptop extended warranty is a must-buy for many.

What to consider before acquiring extended warranties?

Consider the following aspects to understand whether you need to opt for a laptop extended warranty. Such consideration can also be beneficial when seeking a warranty extension for any other device with similar functions.

  • Purpose and use of laptop

How you plan to use a laptop in question is the first thing to consider. For example, an intensive gamer should avail such warranties as gaming tends to overheat internal components, thereby causing malfunctions and issues. However, if you are a student, planning to utilise the laptop for note-taking only, an extended warranty may not be critical.

Still, Dell customers should perform Dell warranty checks regularly to know just when their manufacturer’s warranty period ends, which is equally true of any other manufacturer too.

  • Budget of your laptop

Some users opt for entry-level devices, whose prices may range between Rs.15,000 and Rs.20,000. In these instances, availing an extended warranty may not be the best financial move. Remember that these warranties are also expensive, which is not justifiable for budget laptops.

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Benefits of extended warranty

The primary and most remarkable advantage of extended warranties is that you can seek repair from the manufacturer without needing to spend any significant amount. Lacking an extended warranty, many laptop owners tend to seek repairs from third-party stores and outlets. These repairs are not trustworthy, and may cause more issues than they solve. Extended warranty customers can also acquire additional benefits. For instance, some companies may provide faster repairs and pick-up and drop facilities for malfunctioning laptops, and much more.

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