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Furniture with a unique design makes a statement. Modern furniture design transforms a space in a way that wall art cannot. An eye-catching piece of furniture will greatly impact your guests if you want to impress them. To make it easy for you to impress, here is a few home design furniture from Love House that you can incorporate. 

So, without further ado, let’s look at the home decorators collection of Love House. 

Rosen Daybed By Love House

To accentuate its basic form, the Rosen Daybed by Love House employs high-quality materials such as walnut burl, high-gloss lacquer, chromed steel, and Sandra Jordan Alpaca fabric. It has two concealed tray tables on either side, making it ideal for relaxing or sleeping.

Pelle Bed By Buket Hoscan Bazman

Buket Hoscan Bazman and Erman Bazman created Pelle, a nighttime work.

The headboard is made of two layers. While the inside headboard serves as a support cushion, the back panels are covered with carefully picked leather pieces. Personal belongings can be safely stored on the swivel-out nightstands. Both side tables include pull-out drawers and inside lights.

Tides Cabinet By Gregory Beson

Sapele Mahogany cabinet with 23k gold leaf, bronze glass, hardware, and an oil/wax finish.

Swell Sideboard By Swell Studio

This painting is part of their ever-expanding Swell Series. Further, this intriguing addition to any dining, bedroom, or gathering space has carved fronts, sculpted alabaster feet, and bespoke door pulls.

Alabaster, bleached wood, and black patinated brass pulls are used to create this piece.

Arnava Cabinet By Atelier Pendhapa

In Sanskrit, arnava refers to the sea, the waves, and the ocean. The Arnava cabinet was created as a flowing piece of wood that undulates on a surface. While the outside is composed of rough solid wood, the interior is brightly colored. The Arnava’s opening celebrates the alternating matt and reflective surfaces when the two doors swing open.

Arnava is available in black or brown solid Javanese teak. It is possible to customize the interior color.

Bookmatched Burl Cabinet By Sanayi313

Cabinet in bookmatched ash burl with superb wood, inside illumination, and mirrored detail.

Wabi Credenza By Swell Studio

The Wabi Credenza is made of solid walnut and gets its name from the painted brass door fronts, encouraging you to embrace the flaws. The features include splined miter joints, alabaster feet, leather-lined drawers with Blum soft close hardware, brass shelf pins, and bespoke OI Swell Series door/drawer knobs. Therefore, this is an artwork that will stand the test of time.

Swell Sideboard By Swell Studio

This painting is part of our ever-expanding Swell Series. This intriguing addition to any dining, bedroom, or gathering space has carved fronts, sculpted alabaster feet, and bespoke door pulls. Alabaster, bleached wood, and black patinated brass pulls are used to create this piece.

Onna Credenza By Swell Studio

The Onna credenza pays homage to Roman architecture’s raised elements and the vescia piscis – a sort of lens produced by two crossing circles. The legs and pulls are carved from a byproduct of the huge block milling process, giving new life to a piece of stone that would otherwise have been returned to the quarry for water management or filler. This item is dismantled for simple transportation, and the legs have been hollowed out to minimize weight.

Vienna Bookshelf By Troy Smith

The Vienna Bookshelf is a piece of metal art and design made of pure stainless steel and brass. To be precise, it is made from the finest materials, meticulously machined, and polished to exact features and measurements.

The Vienna Bookshelf is sturdy, well-constructed, and designed to last a lifetime, making it one of the best wood decorative objects. Further, the bookshelf is a showpiece constructed of solid metals. 

Besides, the Vienna Bookshelf is meant to last, with timeless design and execution and the finest quality of workmanship.

Wave Shelving By Nicholas Hamilton Holmes

This is a free-standing shelf system constructed of tubular components and flat shelves. The fact that it comes standard as two 40″ units layered atop one another opens up a world of options.

The whole surface of the shelves was hand-painted in the OXALINO Decoration, which took more than 40 hours. Furthermore, the multiple elements are combined with classic wedged tenons and skillfully placed brass screws.

Hold-Up Console By Atelier Pendhapa

Hold-up is a texture-based console that represents a conversation between two characters. The ebonized teak legs lift the exquisite lacquered box off the ground, which safeguards and shields it. Further, the legs hug the box and secure it on its sides—our view of the console shifts from thin and vertical to extended depending on our vantage point.

Besides, the length and hue of the high gloss lacquer may be adjusted.

Thing 1 & 2 By Nicholas Hamilton Holmes

Two amusing wall hooks that mimic each other’s peculiarities make it the best home design furniture. The white wood bases are bulbously designed to seem bottom-heavy or top-heavy, and each supports six brass arms. White wood-turned balls adorn the brass arms.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are adorned with the painted OXALINO spiral, emphasizing their off-kilter illusion and adding to their charm. Further, the yin and yang hangers may flank a mirror or stand alone as a colorful way to display your clothes.

Downing Street Table By Love House

Love House proudly presents the Downing Street Table. Each table is constructed to order and suit your requirements and is handcrafted in Brooklyn.

The Downing Street Table is designed for the discriminating eye and makes a statement without sacrificing utility. Its modular tripod legs allow for an infinite number of configurations for combining chairs with the simplicity of a pedestal base while maintaining the presence of a classic four-leg table. With the ability to adjust the table to any room’s size needs, the curving edges of the table’s harsh lines allow the Downing Street table to complement rather than compete with any environment. 

With this, we come to the end of the blog. If you want to put your hands on these fine home design furniture, scroll down the website of Love House. They have the collection curated by the designers. So, why wait? Hurry up before someone else picks your favorite. 

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