How Important are Social Media Reviews For your Business?

social media reviews for business
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A whopping 68% of users go straight to seeing a brand’s social media profile to see reviews among other things. Regardless of what kind of business you have, customers will go and visit your social media profile to see how credible you are, how robust your online presence is, and what other people have to say about your brand. 

They will only make a purchase if they find your brand worth their money and time. More than that, they will see what you have to offer and how valuable your content is to them. Each social media platform has a different and unique way of providing valuable and genuine information about a business to potential clients. 

Did you know 77% of customers reach reviews before committing to a brand? If your business has a powerful review base, it has the potential to instantly create a sense of trust and authenticity in the users’ minds. These facebook reviews widgets for websites provide evidence to new customers who are discovering new brands to trust. 

88% of clients trust reviews more than personal recommendations. So, even if users don’t know your brand, they will trust you. As much as 67.7% of users using local search end up visiting a business simply after looking at reviews. Let’s understand them even further. 

Importance of social media reviews

This section throws light on why social media reviews are a big deal in today’s fast-growing digital world. Here’s everything you need to know. 

  1. Online presence 

To understand what the customers think about you, you must know where to look for them on social media. You can initiate by creating a business account. Ensure that you are active on these platforms, and allow them easy access to reach out to you. 

By being active you can engage with the audience who are talking about you. Social listening tools help you understand this better and create a powerful online presence. 

  1. Delivers credibility 

70% of consumers believe online reviews to be equally important as personal recommendations. Social media is a way to get in touch with potential customers and allow them access to your brand. They also see how your existing customers find the brand. Reviews can improve the credibility of the brand and allow more people to trust you. 

  1. Review responses build trust 

Responding to reviews especially the bad ones can help you present yourself as trustworthy. It shows that users’ reviews are valued and you would go to great lengths to correct the issue. To ace the social media presence you need to develop a meaningful relationship with your users. 

Ensure that you apologize, empathize with their issue, and take visible actions in order to correct them. This shows that you take responsibility and urge potential clients to choose your brand over competitors. 

  1. Encourages more reviews 

Happy customers do the most effective marketing. Find ways to get them to talk about your brand, share their experience while purchasing with you, or share visuals while using your product. When people share reviews, it encourages more people to post better reviews. 

More than that you can embed reviews in your email campaigns and roll out emails. These emails can motivate them to share reviews. 

  1. Helps brands use data wisely

When brands collect data in the form of reviews, they can use it to their advantage as they get a better understanding of what your users want. And then use this to offer a better customer experience. Reviews can help you get customer insights about the areas where your brand needs to improve.

Moreover, with social media reviews, you get increased exposure that develops engagement and meaningful relationships. 

  1. Helps in decision making 

8 out of 10 millennials never make a purchase without reading reviews. This generation is very smart and social media is their go-to platform to gather reviews about a brand. Social media reviews provide information about how existing customers are being dealt with, this helps make them decide whether they wish to invest in the brand or not. 

  1. Boosts SEO and local searches 

Reviews are organic and help your website get a better ranking on search engines without any additional effort. With social media reviews, come keywords without them realizing they are using them. For example, no one wants to visit a restaurant before getting an idea about what they have to offer. 

Reviews on the restaurant’s social media increase the possibility of people expecting more apt services and disappointment does not come easy. 


We all know how powerful and influential social media is, with many social media reviews and other types of UGC, brands can create a good online presence and motivate many users to invest in the brand. 

Apart from all the benefits, you have social media aggregators in the market that help you embed social media feeds on the website. You can take your social media presence and display it on the website to attract more clients and ensure potential client conversion. 

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