How many agents work with you in ICSS?

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Gambling is a truly global crime involving individuals from different jurisdictions. This requires a global approach to sharing data and information. That is why we are holding an ICSS-UNODC meeting at the UN Criminal Congress to put this issue firmly in the minds of those who can transfer it to national and international law.

Only the government can impose harsh penalties and legislation that criminalizes conspiracy and equip police stations with the right tools to fight these criminals around the world.

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The number, but what I can say is that we have a global network of researchers, analysts and policy makers who work with many sports and non-sports organizations. These experts will help identify growing trends in organized crime involvement in sports so that we can take the right preventive measures before a game or sport is disrupted.

Through third parties Can you give an anonymous example?

A. The process of determining a match can be a very complex process involving many people and many illegal bookmakers, gamblers, agents and others.

One case where there were about 20-50 matches between the fixer and the athlete, involving different countries and different jurisdictions. Organized crime cases are a complex network of people and it can be very difficult to find out who is financing the operation and where the money is coming from.

Is it true that all illegal markets are in Asia?

A. No – Illegal bets can take place in any country and on any continent. Take the US, for example, where betting is legal in only four states, but thousands of online bookmakers around the world can bet on the NFL, MLB and NBA.

The issue of illegal betting cannot be linked to one continent. Digital and online media today means that you can bet on any sport, anytime, anywhere in the world. Much of the NBA is played and broadcast from North America and Europe, resulting in many bets on many 스포츠중계 in the professional and amateur leagues.

It is true that a lot of money comes from Asia, but it is worth remembering that the North Asian economy is very strong and gambling is in their culture. It is a thriving region where the middle class is growing up, meaning people has money to bet on sports.

Are football and tennis the sport’s most affected by the deal?

These are currently mainly because they are the two most common sports in the world.

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