How Much Does it Cost to Develop an On-Demand App?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an On-Demand App
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In recent years, on-demand app development has seen a significant rise. COVID-19 has increased the need for apps that connect consumers and sellers directly through a digital platform. It helps both sides.

Sellers can sell directly to consumers without having to pay extra for transport logistics, mediator commissions, and other monetary factors. The consumer has many options and can compare them to find the best deal.

This vast industry of apps on demand requires a high level of knowledge, design, and development skills.

According to the PwC report, the market of on-demand mobile apps is expected to grow by $335 billion by 2025. This proves that on-demand Mobile App Development businesses have huge potential in the upcoming years. 

In this blog, you will come to know about the estimated cost of developing an on-demand app for your business. 

What Is An On-Demand App?

On-demand apps serve as a bridge between customers and service providers. This bridge is a platform that allows multiple businesses to meet their customers.

Both parties can meet up and engage on mutually beneficial terms. This platform is popular because it caters to each individual’s needs.

Factors Affecting The Cost To Develop An On-Demand App

1) Apps Features And Functionality

The most important thing that determines the app development cost is based on the features and functionality you want to integrate into the app. Starting from a simple featured app to a high-complexity featured app, the development cost varies between $80,000-$3,00,000 or even more depending on the complexity. 

2) Choosing The Right Tech Stack

Apart from features and functionality, an essential thing about your app is to choose the right tech stack as the development cost also depends on the tech you are choosing to develop the app. 

Suppose that if you are choosing Android, the right tech stack for your app development can be Kotlin and Java. The development cost may vary between $85,000-$1,50,000 or even more. 

3) Choosing The Right Resource For App Development 

After planning for the features, functionality and choosing the right tech stack, it is essential to hire the best resource for your business. You can find plenty of developers who can easily promise you to deliver your project at a normal price. But, it becomes your responsibility to choose the right resource who has relevant experience and have delivered quality projects for their clients. 

On average, the cost for hiring experienced developers may cost you between $50,000-$1,50,000.  

4) Cost Of App Maintenance And Support 

If you think that only developing and publishing the task is your final task, you are wrong. Your app must undergo timely maintenance and support for proper working. On an average, the cost for app maintenance and support varies between $50,000-$1,00,000. 

Cost To Develop Different Types Of On-Demand Apps

1) Development Of An On-Demand App for Consumers

The consumers will use this end of the app. It is crucial to create a complete range of features as it will directly impact your business. Let’s say that consumer app development costs are around $30,000.

You can add features such as user profiles, map integration, and chat features to your app. These features determine the price.

2) Development of An On-Demand App to Service Providers

The service providers use this end of the app to make it easier to communicate with each other and work efficiently. Service providers can use this information to analyze consumer profiles and provide the appropriate services. It is estimated that $1,00,000 will be spent on service provider app development.

Cost depends on features such as Profile creation, managing orders and messaging features. Daily analytics can also be used to provide simple payment methods. Order history is another feature that will make it easier for companies to offer services.

3) Development of An On-Demand App to Manage Admin

It is important to have an admin panel. This panel allows you to manage your service request and make any necessary modifications. The admin panel has full control over the app’s functioning and ensures that it runs smoothly. This app development cost is lower than other factors.

The cost of on-demand app development is determined by the features that are included. These features include a dashboard, managing service provider companies, managing end users, determining partners’ commissions, analytics, and many other useful features for app monitoring.

Including all these features and developing the app to be engaging and responsive will cost you between $80,000-$2,00,000 or even more depending on the app complexity. 


Well, this is the right time when you can develop an on-demand app for your business. You can avail the best app development services from a reputed firm that can meet your business expectation. However, this guide has helped you to know the development cost for an on-demand app. 

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