How To Prepare Your AC Unit For The Off Season

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Before getting your furnace ready to heat your home this fall, do not forget to also prepare your air conditioner for its well-deserved break. Putting your AC back to storage without providing the necessary maintenance it needs can result in a shorter system lifespan. Take these few steps to prepare your air conditioner for the off-season:

First: Switch off the power.

This is the first and most important step in off-season AC maintenance. Before performing routine maintenance on your unit, do not forget to shut it down first. Do this by turning the switch off in the air conditioning circuit. Another option is to turn off the breaker to the AC at the breaker box. 

Sweep off dirt and other debris on and surrounding the unit. 

After making sure that your air conditioner is properly switched off, you can now move on to the cleaning task. Besides sweeping off dirt, leaves, and other debris on your indoor and outdoor unit, make sure to clean up the surrounding area as well. Dust and dirt can settle in your air conditioner while in storage, so it’s best to give it a regular cleaning. 

Thoroughly inspect your AC for cracks and rust.

Checking for faults in your AC is an essential part of off-season maintenance. You cannot simply put your unit in storage without getting it repaired first for cracks, rusts, and other issues. Otherwise, the problems can escalate and cause your AC to malfunction when it’s time to use it for the warm months. Call a professional AC repair Austin to have your unit checked and repaired this fall. 

Get a durable AC cover.

Keep your air conditioner safe and protected during the off-season by getting a cover that is custom to your unit. Most manufacturers offer a custom cover along with their air conditioners. However, if you did not get one when you bought your AC, you can always place an order at your trusted local HVAC store. It would be ideal to choose an insulated, waterproof material that completely covers your unit. 

Consider adding extra insulation.

If you live in an area that experiences extremely cold temperatures in fall and winter, consider adding extra insulation to your AC unit. You might need to insulate exposed pipes and wires around your air conditioner. Experts recommend using foam insulation to prevent wires and pipes from freezing and cracking. 

Invest in a professional routine AC tune-up Austin 

If you do not have the time to conduct fall HVAC maintenance, it would be best to leave the job to the pros. Hiring a professional routine AC tune-up Austin will put your mind at ease, knowing your AC is well taken care of and will work efficiently whenever you need it. 

There are many reputable and affordable HVAC companies you can partner with in your local area today. To make it easier for you to pick the right team to work with, check service reviews online and call out references. Start your search for the most outstanding home air conditioning service today!

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