How to Start Business on Instagram

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Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular platforms to launch a successful business on. Instagram has recently surpassed Twitter to become the third most popular social media platform, behind Facebook and Google+ among other social media outlets. If you own an Instagram account and have a dedicated following, converting it into an Instagram business account should be a no-brainer. Here are the main steps that you need to follow in order to make this switch seamless for your Instagram followers and gain maximum benefit from it.

First, make sure that your Instagram profile pic is the same as your Instagram logo or app icon. This is critical because an Instagram account is not the place to promote your brand. For example, if you’re an Instagrammer and your brand launches a product/service, people would assume that you’re promoting the product/service via Instagram. Thus, you should not show up on your Instagram profile and your app icon should not be the same as the brand logo.

Once you’ve made this switch, the next step in how to start a business on Instagram is to add your Instagram URL and the branded hashtags you use on other social networks. The branded hashtags you use will help Instagram viewers find you and keep track of what you’re currently promoting. For example, if you’re promoting a discounted Instinct lingerie set, use the #instinctlingerie tag along with your Instagram URL and link to your sales page. By doing this, you instantly become visible to followers on Instagram. Additionally, Instagram users searching for the product you’re promoting will also be able to find you there.

Next, go through your Instagram business account settings and make sure that it is visible to everyone. If you have an unsearchable Instagram business account, you can add your URL to the top right corner of your profile. This way, any user searching for products or services related to your niche will be able to see your business page. Additionally, adding the branded hashtags to your business profile will help Instagram viewers search for products you’re promoting in the search engines.

One thing you should definitely not do, however, is to add the unsearchable Instagram content into your Instagram content. This is actually against the terms and conditions of the popular micro-blogging site. In fact, it’s advised not to do this at all. Because Instagram automatically sorts Instagram content into themed categories, it’s better to avoid the cluttered format of hashtags by simply placing them at the top right corner of your profile instead.

Finally, how to start a business on Instagram by using the brand caption even better captions. As you may have noticed already, the top of your Instagram images shows a photo with a caption. However, not all followers are privy to what that caption says. If you’re trying to promote your products or services, you can use this opportunity to explain your business in a captivating manner. Plus, users who are following you on Instagram are likely to share your Instagram content with their followers if they find it interesting or relevant.

Hootsuite: Using the brand caption even better Instagram post can be a great marketing strategy if you’re promoting products or services directly from your website or blog. Hootsuite, like most other social media tools, allows you to organize your Instagram posts into various sections such as “stats”, “posts,” and “guests.” You can use the stats section to show user metrics such as engagement, reach, and engagement rate. You can also view and monitor the results of your keywords, analytics, and other feeds from your account.

Branding: Adding an avatar is a good Instagram strategy for supporting your brand. It gives users an impression of who you are, and it’s a visual way of sharing your brand with your audience. When users enjoy the experience of browsing your profile page, they’re more likely to take advantage of your offers. Just make sure you keep your avatars professional and consistent with your brand colors.

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