How to Take Feet Pictures – Top Tips & Tricks

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If you’re seeking unconventional methods of earning money online, this article if for you. In this article, you’ll learn how to capture photos of your feet that will sell on the FeetFinder platform. 

This might sound strange, but selling foot images can be a profitable venture. Individuals have made over $50,000 annually by selling pictures of their feet. 

What’s the Right Way to Take Feet Pictures?

Photographing your feet for selling is not a complex task, however, it does require some preparation to produce high-quality results. So, to achieve the best outcomes, you need to organize a mini photoshoot. The following are some crucial aspects to consider before you start taking pictures of your feet.

Take Care of Your Feet

If you believe that your feet are visually appealing and can help you make money, it’s important to take good care of them. Note that regular pedicures can help prevent scars and discoloration and keep your feet looking their best. 

There is a hand model who gained popularity some time ago due to the lengths she went to maintain the appearance of her hands, as they were her source of income. So if you consider your feet to be your most valuable asset, it would be wise to do everything possible to keep them in good condition.

The Background

The variety of photos you can take of your feet is limited. Continuously taking the same type of pictures can become monotonous. So mix it up by altering the background and surroundings in each photo. Additionally, if you frequently travel, take advantage of your trips by capturing pictures of your feet in different locations. 

If you are undertaking the photo shoot on your own, you may need to position yourself at awkward angles to get the ideal shot. Be patient and make yourself comfortable, as these photoshoots may take some time.


As you begin to consider props for future photoshoots, it may start to feel like a full-time job. To make your photos more captivating, it’s a good idea to tell a story through your feet. 

For instance, you could take a picture of your toes curled and comfortably positioned on a plush duvet while lying on a bed. You could also add some creativity by painting your feet or wearing distinctive shoes.

Good Lighting

Some photographers might argue that natural lighting is the best for taking photos. While it’s true that photos often look great in natural light, it doesn’t mean that better results can’t be achieved with artificial lighting.

Good Shot

Composition is a key aspect of photography basics. After taking the usual foot photos, it’s important to be more creative. Keep in mind that your goal is to tell a story through your photos. Experiment with different angles and attempt to create different scenarios, as if you’re “painting” with your photos. 

If you plan to sell your photos in sets, it’s important to make sure they’re not too similar to each other. Impress your clients by incorporating more creativity into your offerings and give them a reason to pay more for your product.


After taking good pictures of your feet, you can earn money by selling them on FeetFinder. We have discussed all the essential considerations for starting a foot photo business. While taking photos of your feet is a unique job, it has the potential to be a source of income if you put in the effort.

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