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India is a country which is well known for its diversity in each and every aspect. The diversity is depicted in culture and tradition that is being transferred from one generation to other. The place had also got fame for its gastronomical variety of cuisines that is served in its each state. India can be called as heaven for its artistic wonders like forts and monuments, climate, landscapes etc. Just visit the country and explore it. Some people also visit India for medical treatment like Ayurveda. If you are person from Indian Visa from UAE, you can also apply India tourist visa from Dubai.

India Visa form Dubai

The step that undergoes in applying Indian visa from UAE might sound something light but it’s not the true fact. Each anevery minor detailing in the process may lead to approval and rejection of an individual’s visa. Forever tourism provides you all details regarding the application of an India Visa from UAE. You can contact us at any time, we are here to help you in planning your visit to India. Depending on the passport of one’s originating country he/she hold, forever tourism can help you in finding out what type of on-arrival visa is eligible for her/him. In some cases, you can also go for a pre-arrival visa if you are eligible for it. Even if you are ineligible for the on-arrival visa, we will definitely sort out barriers and guide you through out in obtaining a pre-arrival visa to India which is applied from UAE. India Visa Price from Dubai is very much affordable.

Things to know regarding Your Indian Visa

Requirements for Visa-less and passport-free entry

If your passport is issued from any of the below listed countries but you are residing in UAE, then you do not require a visa or passport to enter India

Countries which are eligible for an Indian visa-less and passport-free arrival are the following:

  • Nepal
  • Bhutan

Do visa-less travelers have a duration for stay?

Yes, Visa less travelers have a duration for as well as they are even free to work in India if they wish.

Visa-less entry

If you have a passport issued from the country Maldives but you are residing in the Indian Visa from Saudi Arabia then you do not require a visa to enter India.

E-visa entry

Some countries like Italy, Japan etc. have provision to issue passports that are eligible for an e-visa. Please note that this is not eligible for dual passport holders who have Pakistani origins.

Pre-arrival Visa

If an individual belongs to a country which is not eligible for any of the above-mentioned types of Indian visas, then we can give you details regarding necessary information for issuing a pre-arrival visa to India from UAE.

Pre-arrival visa types

Indian pre-arrival visas are divided into three types depending on the traveler’s requirements. They are:


This type of visit visa is best suitable for those tourists who are visiting India for exploring the place and also for the ones who are visiting family or friends living in India.


This is best for entrepreneurs and businessmen who wish to plan a visit to India for business reasons.

Airport transit

If a traveler is having a transit at any of the Indian airports which will also route to another destination, then an airport transit visa is compulsory.

Documents required for applying Indian visa from UAE


Passport must have a validity of six months from the date of arrival in India. The passport will have at least two blank pages where stamping will be done by the Immigration Officer.

Application Form

visa application form must be filled in English and you must not keep any fields unfilled.

Color photographs

Submit 2 photograph with white background, which must not be older than 3 months with dimensions 51 x 51 mm. Applicant must face front and wear dark colored attire. If applicant is wearing white head gear, background must be light blue.

Valid Emirates ID

You must have a valid emirates id

UAE Residence visa

It is applicable for the Expatriates Residing in UAE

Original NOC letter

It is required for both elders as well as minors who are travelling alone.

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