Is Tarsar Marsar Trek Beginner-Friendly?

Tarsar Marsar Trek
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Have you ever been to Kashmir? If you haven’t, you must book your tickets today because, as you already know, Kashmir is heaven present on earth. Moreover, with its ethereal beauty and enchantment of nature, Kashmir has been encouraging many poets to write down their masterpieces. But, do you know Kashmir situated in the lap of the Himalayas, has much more things for you other than the beauty engraved into it? Kashmir treasures the tomb of natural beauty, like the ever-flowing river, the alpine forest, the alluring alpine river, and many more. And one of these attractions is none other than the Tarsar Marsar trek, so if you want to trek in this beautiful mountain of Tarsar Marsar, talk now to Cliffhangers.

However, if you have already been to Kashmir, you have already heard about the Kashmir lakes trek legacy, but the Tarsar Marsar trek has its charm. Tarsar Lake and Marsar Lake are two alpine lakes sited at 12500ft and 13000ft, correspondingly in the Kashmir Himalayas.

These dual lakes are almost the same temperament and are further segregated by a mountain. This is why they are known as twin sisters in Kashmir.

Tarsar Marsar’s whereabouts are 20 km east of Kolahoi Mountain in the Anantnag district of Jammu & Kashmir. Marsar Lake is majorly in the adjacent area of Dachigam national park. The magnificent Tarsar Marsar lake location and the improbably beautiful terrain of the area are the two things that have made people insanely love this trek.

Tricks That Can Help You In Tasar Masar Trek when You Reach There Through Cliffhangers

  1. Tarsar Marsar Kashmir trek is 47.6 km away from the base camp. You can unleash the highest point, 13400ft, on the mountain. Therefore, astute mountain sickness is general if you have come for the first time or to those more prone to AMS.
  2. Always take a box of medicines, check oxygens level, and be conscious of your body. And if you feel like you are not well, drink water, pop a medicine into your mouth, and relax for some time. Moreover, if still the uneasy feeling persists, then end your journey there and enjoy the beauty from there only.
  3. Tarsar Marsar is a monsoon trek, so make your raincoat and plastic bags your best buddies and keep them in your backpack. Also, take with you a waterproof cover for your backpack to make your backpack safe from water.
  4. Pahalgam has the last ATM, so if you require money, make sure that you have taken it before because most of the time, this ATM remains out of cash. You can withdraw some in Srinagar if you want.
  5. The mobile network coverage area is Pahalgam. Also, the prepaid SIM will be of no use in Kashmir. So if you want to make a connection during trekking, ensure that you have taken a postpaid SIM card.
  6. Don’t expect electricity above the base camp, Aru. Also, you will find no power backup in Aru, so if the line is off there, it will take some hours to come back again. Therefore, carry a good torch and some batteries with you for better vision at night.
  7. Never forget to bring the original and some copy of your government-issued identity card of yours. Anyone will need a voter card, Aadhar card, passport, and driving license. The forest department will ask you for these documents before you start you’re trekking. Somebody without these documents will not be allowed to trek.

Is Tasar Masar Trek Beginner Friendly Or Not?

Tarsar Marsar trek level is simple to intermediate. Some sections of the trail have harsh patches, steep ascent or descent, and boulder-filled zones that turn this trek a little problematic for beginners.

The complicated fall through the pass that occurs just after Sunderser lake, towards Marsar lake, might act to be the most tricky passage for beginners. But, if you will come to be fully ready with good trekking shoes, you can easily get over this passage.

Well, if you don’t have any experience with trekking before, but you are excited and love trekking, then there is a recommendation for you: buckle up your preparation for at least two to three months of your trekking.

For those who are already gone through various trekking, you are going to love this trekking.

Lastly, the trek has a lot for you to make you mesmerize. There are very few such lake treks in the Himalayas that are as splendid, as audacious, and alluring as this if you are looking for scenic beauty and the little complexity the trail throws to trekkers.

Well, the final verdict will be that the trekis safe because the trail is situated in remote areas of Kashmir and far away from urban places. So, no agitation might be there and committed.

Summing Up

To sum up, professional trekkers operate this trek, so there is no need to worry about safety when you are with Cliffhangers. So, whatever your experience level is, if you are a beginner, intermediate level, or pro trekker, this trek is technically for all, excluding small children, families, and aged people. So, what are you thinking of sitting on your couch? Let’s experience something new, something beautiful, at the Tarsar Marsar lake.

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