Is Yepkicks com a legit company? Let’s Have A Look At Yepkicks com Reviews!

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Do you love to have a magnificent collection of kicks at your place? In short, do you love to own an excellent collection of branded shoes? You have come to the right place if that is the case. Today you will get information about a kick-ass website for shoes, where you can find the best quality shoes of your choice. Yepkicks is an online website or store that sells branded and high-end footwear. Such as Adidas, Jordan, Nike, Gucci, Balenciaga, and many more. Are you excited to know more? Continue to read, please!

Everyone in this world wants to stay updated with the latest things. Such as lifestyle, technology, latest trends, and many more. And footwear is the thing that has a good impact on your look. Are you a sneaker lover? This article is for you if you answered yes. In this article, we will review an eCommerce website that sells stylish and branded footwear, such as Adidas, Jordan, Nike, Gucci, Balenciaga, and many more. You can purchase top-brand shoes at reasonable costs with special deals.

Let’s start with Yepkicks com introduction and advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s give a quick look at the introduction of

Yepkicks is an online store or e-commerce website selling branded and high-end shoes. The primary motive of this website is to offer branded shoes at a reasonable cost to customers. Adding more to this, you already know that people spend hundreds of dollars to buy and build a good collection of branded shoes influenced by their idols on social media platforms and other celebrities from movies.

However, Yepkicks com is focusing on the same market to build its brand in the online market. Adding more, even the buyers are keen to know about the specifications of the Yep kicks website. Do you know? It offers special deals in the month of easter.

Below-given are various specifications of

  1. Yepkicks homepage link:
  2. It offers premium and high-end branded shoes.
  3. The newsletter of Yepkicks com is not available as of now.
  4. No physical address was given for Yepkicks.
  5. The email address to connect with the Yep Kicks website is [email protected].
  6. You can contact Yepkicks by calling at +85253412508.
  7. The date for domain creation is 20/02/2021.
  8. You can connect with the website officials through social media.
  9. Exchange and return of the product are acceptable for 7 days.
  10. The time period for the refund policy is 24 – 48 hours.
  11. The offered payment method is PayPal.
  12. No shipping cost is available.
  13. The time period for the delivery is 5 – 10 days.

Please go through the above-given specifications very carefully because these would help you examine all the aspects to choose the best online store for your buying.

Below-given are several positive checkpoints of Yepkicks com:

  1. You can buy branded and high-end shoes from this online store.
  2. You can easily connect with the customer support of the Yep Kicks website through email or Whats App.
  3. You can avail of several deals and discounts available on several products of Yepkicks.
  4. You can easily access the customer review section on its website.
  5. There are a lot of decent reviews from buyers on its website.

Below-given are several negative checkpoints of Yepkicks com:

  1. There are several negative reviews posted on the Yep Kicks website by the buyers.
  2. You cannot find its physical address.
  3. There is a poor user interface on
  4. You cannot comment in the review section of this website.

What do you think about the legitimacy of Yepkicks?

We would suggest that you research all the known and lesser-known websites for footwear thoroughly before finalizing your site for shopping to avoid the chance of fraudulent activities. Below-given are several facts based on our extensive research on Yepkicks:

  1. The domain creation date of is February 20, 2021. Therefore, the Yep Kicks website domain is 1-year-old.
  2. Yepkicks is the hold of active social media links.
  3. You can find only the positive reviews of the customers on its website. But we have also found poor reviews of this site on the internet.
  4. The termination date of the domain name of Yepkicks was April 16, 2022.
  5. Yepkicks got the trust score of 27 by the true index shoppers.
  6. The Alexa rank of this website is 2202376.
  7. You can check and find the physical address of this company.
  8. The look and the format of this website are similar to the dashboard of several fake websites.


After analysing all the facts, advantages and disadvantages of this website, we conclude that Yepkicks com is suspect and there are a lot of negative reviews of it on the internet. We would suggest all the customers be aware while visiting the website because this website has raised several warnings.

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