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If you’re nostalgic at heart or just want your kitchen to be trendy but aren’t quite ready for stainless steel, you might want to consider updating your kitchen with old, classic architectural elements. Decorating your kitchen by combining modern appliances with a simple style will transform your kitchen overnight and instantly create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in any home.

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No matter what style of kitchen you have, adding vintage furniture or accent pieces will give your home a warm, old-fashioned feel. At the heart of creating a vintage look is attention to detail. Old world styles, whether Greek, Roman or Old English, focused on craftsmanship.

In most traditional kitchens, the woodwork and cabinets are designed with the same complex cabinet handles. Wood styles include raised panel doors, inlaid bead board, weathered wood, hand-hammered water boards, and even brass, tendon, and pewter drawer handles.

Choose your style

Depending on your taste, you can explore older styles to find out which ones will suit your home. Traditional Greek and Mediterranean kitchens feature earthy colors and materials such as clay and ceramics. To add this look to your home, consider adding accent tiles or mosaics to plain walls. The perfect place to try the Greek style is the back wall of the oven.

In a Roman-style kitchen, the focus is on fire. Most modern homes no longer have a fireplace; instead, the oven and stove take care of all the cooking and baking. However, it is still possible to incorporate the Roman theme into a modern kitchen. The Romans used clay in bakeries and cooking utensils. Why not apply a Roman theme to your home? When you choose decorative ceramic pieces to hang above the counter, island or kitchen, you immediately get an authentic touch to your simple kitchen style.

Another traditional style of cooking comes from Old English.

 The English cabinets have open display shelves so you can display your Chinese dishes. Install background lighting behind the cabinet so that the spotlights stand out. Other cabinet options include wooden pieces with a dark finish, such as bronze and oil.

Finally, the French country kitchen focuses on the natural. In a French-style kitchen, it is common to see exposed materials, especially on the walls and ceiling. So if you have beams in your ceiling, show them off! By coating existing materials with a dark finish, you can quickly add a rich accent to your kitchen. Make sure the Franca Landau cabinet handle matches your ceiling finish or complements your wall palette. In addition, French cuisine focuses on colors. In general, lighter colors off-white, ivory, taupe, and beige were used to compliment natural wood and tiles in most kitchens.

Combine the supplies

Once you’ve chosen the style you want, be sure to match all parts of your kitchen with that theme. For example, a kitchen with Greek influences will not look good in bright yellow. Consider your cabinet hardware, backsplash, wood accents, and even bar stools or chairs. Create a seamless style by combining wood and cabinet finishes with complimentary water.

Turn on the lights

After you’ve done the hard work of transforming your kitchen into a classic dining room style, the right lighting will reflect your work. Track lighting is commonly used to highlight accents such as ceramic, hanging vessels or ceramic tiles. Other options include drop or pendant lights to add dramatic shadows to your antique cabinet.

Try it yourself

After all the hard work, it’s time to debut your new kitchen! Gather friends and family to show off your traditional accent tile behind stove design. Whether your cuisine is Greek, Roman, English or French, create an authentic dish to match your style and showcase your efforts.

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