Main Type of College Essays

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Did you know you will spend half of your college life writing essays?  Almost all assignments are written in essay format, whether a project report or a reflection paper. Learn how to write these papers to escape from supplementary exams. Let’s look at some types of essays to expect in university. 

Research essay 

It is one of the longest essays in college. Expect to write more than four essays in campus. Research is an investigation of a phenomenon.

A research essay follows a unique format. Unlike other essays, a research paper has some guidelines that dictate how it should be written.   The layout depends on the referencing format used and the type of research conducted.  

Each section leads to another.  A mistake in one section may damage the whole research.  For instance, you will end up with a wrong data if you use incorrect data collection method. 

Students must first learn how to write research papers before starting their essays.  Your lecturer will spend a whole lesson or two teachings about research essay writing. The results you get from the essay are sometimes used in decision making in organizations such as implementing a project.  Let’s look at some types of researches to expect.

Exploratory research 

It’s a type of research that requires you to explore a wide range of possibilities. It does not have a particular end or outcome.  Your work is to investigate and accept results. Some of the exploratory essay topics include whether the COVID 19 vaccine is effective or effect of online shopping on economy.  

Case study 

It’s a type of research that investigates a single case.  Its purpose is to understand the issue in depth.   For instance, you can do a study on one COVID 19 patient to understand them better. It is mostly used in medical fields and law schools where students deal with individuals more than groups. 

Reflection essays 

These essays allow you to express your opinion regarding a unit or an assignment.   Your lecturer wants to know what you have learned in the course work and your recommendations. They are mostly given to first and second-year students. 

Reflection papers are the only essay types where you can express yourself and use the first-person voice.  You can also write an informally structured paper without your lecturer penalizing you.  

Moral issue essays 

It is one of the largest categories of essay writing in college. These essays are designed for junior years.  They are used to test students’ problem-solving skills, especially, on controversial matters. 

Moral issue essays are written across all departments. All areas where human beings are involved must deal with ethical issues. 

There are no wrong answers in ethical essays. The points you get in your assignment depend on how well you argue your case.  You must convince your lecturer that your answer is worth a distinction.  Many students prefer to hire essay writers instead of struggling with philosophical terms. 

Report essays 

These are essays you write to give feedback about a project.  Colleges have many research projects, especially, in their senior years, such as field research or online research.  You are required to give a report depending on the given instructions.

The report can either be a recommendation or observation. After the research, what did you find out?  What is your recommendation? Each answer depends on the type of investigation and its purpose. 

Critical essay writing

It’s a type of essay where you give your opinion on a book or journal. A critic is objective and based on research. You cannot respond to someone’s work based on emotions. You must, first of all, investigate the matter and give an informed response. 

Critical essays are mainly for students studying humanity courses such as political science and sociology. Scholars believe that no one has absolute knowledge. Anyone can make a mistake or fail to see what others see. That’s why they need critical essays to point out errors. 

Descriptive essays 

A descriptive essay gives more information about a topic. Their purpose is to describe everything in a way that you will not leave your audience hanging. Descriptive essays do not give an opinion about the subject under study. They present you with the information and leave you to decide. 

Persuasive essays 

These are types of essays that explain an object to persuade you towards a particular direction.  They use words and statistics that will trigger your mind to act. Persuasive papers are mainly for the practical decision-making process. 

They persuade someone on why they need to act or respond. Government officials or organizations use persuasive essays to approve some important projects.  For instance, doctors may write papers and quote COVID 19 death rates to help the government make well-informed decisions.  

The bottom line 

The above are some of the essays you might write in college.  Read more about their structure and purpose to ensure you don’t confuse them.   Note that each type of the assignment is written in a unique way.

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