Top Mistakes When Driving In Fog That You Need To Stop Immediately

Car Driving in Dense Fog. Dangerous Road Conditions. Night Time Driving in Fog.
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Winters are lovely unless you drive your car in extremely foggy weather, which impairs your visibility and hampers a smooth drive. Fog will also make it difficult to notice hurdles and hazards on your path or anticipate the actions of your fellow drivers. Moreover, there are a few mistakes when driving in fog that drivers frequently indulge in. Find these out to enjoy an uninterrupted and safe drive.

It would be best if you could avoid driving during foggy weather. But necessities might appear. In that case, ensure you have preinstalled fog lamps in your car. It offers a safety feature that offers the maximum illumination of the verges and curves of the road. Switching on headlights can be too bright considering the lack of visibility, and can badly reflect on the driver’s eyes, choking their vision. Therefore using fog lamp for cars is extremely important.

If you have not yet installed a fog lamp for your car, do it as soon as possible before this winter. You can search for the best fog lamp for a car online at CarOrbis and browse through various products at your fingertips. CarOrbis offers a trusted online store for car accessories with high-quality products manufactured by top brands. 

Common Mistakes When Driving in Fog:

Foggy weather is itself a risky situation to drive through. It is recommended that the drivers remain extremely conscious and keep all their senses alert to avoid collapsing. Below are the top 5 mistakes every driver needs to avoid, especially if driving in foggy weather.

Switching On Headlights or High Beams of Your Vehicle:

You might find it necessary to turn on your headlights or the high beams of your vehicle, but this can become dangerous for your driving in foggy weather. When the visibility is blurred or is comparatively low, turning on your headlights will decrease your visibility. 

This will further push you toward the risk of accidents as the fog will reflect the bright light in your direction. It is recommended that you either use fog lamps which are exclusively designed to assist you in foggy weather or use your low-beam headlights.


Don’t ever perform the mistake of overspeeding in foggy weather. It is often experienced by drivers that fog creates an illusion for the drivers that they are driving at a slower speed than their usual speed. Therefore keep your speed in check and lower your speed to avoid unnecessary collisions or accidents.

Moreover, due to less visibility, you might not get enough time to react against any interruptions on your path. Keeping your speed low is safer as you will have time to react and ensure the utmost safety.

Turning Up the Volume of Your Speakers:

You need to engage all your senses when driving in foggy weather. Keeping your ears active is important as you don’t get clear visibility. You can become easily assume the distance of other cars and listen to their horns to keep yourself at a safe distance.

Listening to the radio or speakers at a higher volume will hamper the engagement of your ears in the act of driving and make you less conscious.

Shifting Your Focus While Driving or Driving Unpredictably:

Your focus should be fixed on the road as you drive in fog. Constantly shifting your focus might get heavy on you and cause accidents. Moreover, it would be best to drive consciously and predictively in every weather condition. But during foggy weather, you need to be extra conscious. In this way, you will also be able to help your fellow drivers and make their job easy.

Getting Too Close To Other Vehicles:

Please maintain a considerable distance from other cars while driving in foggy weather. This will help you even if you mistakenly speed up your vehicle for a moment, you will not hit the car in front of you. During any unfortunate situation, this will provide you with the time to react and hit your brakes. It would be best if you were speculative of the driving pattern of your fellow drivers too. 

Final Thoughts:

Avoiding all these mistakes when driving in fog will help you to ensure the safety of yourself, your fellow passengers, and your car. Driving through fog already indulges you in an inconvenient situation during driving. Therefore you need to be 100% attentive on your driving and road. Check the condition of your windshield, wipers, and fog lamps before traveling with your car in the fog. 

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