10 pointers to create custom hoodies

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Many marketing strategies are being used by various businesses to increase client traffic, boost sales, and increase profits. People regularly forget about the internal teams despite being in a race to offer their products and services. Any organisation must prioritise employee retention and happiness because when workers feel valued and important, business performance—including sales—automatically improves. In this blog, you will get to know about pointers to create custom hoodies.

Making personalised clothing for your staff will not only make them happy, but it will also promote your company anytime they leave their homes and places of employment. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on customising clothing for your business. A straightforward, classy hoodie with your company’s logo will do.

Here are some tips to create custom hoodies

1. Select the fashion

The two sorts of hoodies are pullover hoodies and hoodies with zippers. One has a pullover, while the other has the convenience of a zip. Both are practical and cosy to wear.

Zip-up hoodies are preferable if you’re getting hoodies for a sporting event because they’re simple to unzip and take off when not in use. Hoodies with zippers resemble jackets more. If the weather permits, you can leave the zips open to make it appear to be a jacket.

Pullovers can be used as t-shirts and are worn like them. Wear your hoodie and layer up for the winter. However, pullover hoodies are cosier.

2. Determine the message

Is there a theme or special occasion? This is your topic, for instance, if you are making the sweatshirt for a marketing campaign, a gathering of friends, or a family gathering. When creating hoodies for personal use, consider the main point you want to convey.

3. Create a design plan

The time has come to include images, text, or both after choosing the theme. Choose the right pieces to help you convey your message effectively.

For instance, if you want to spread the message of peace, you don’t necessarily need to write the word “peace” on your sweatshirt. Instead, you can display an image of Mahatma Gandhi or a white dove and add a brief adage about peace.

If superhero movies are your inspiration, choose a character’s likeness and include a line from the movie. Even choosing between the two is an option.

4. Examine drawing by hand

Making artwork is one of the most spectacular sweatshirts customising techniques. Take a hand-drawn sketch or doodling and photograph it. Put it on your hoodie, and presto! you have a unique hoodie. To create your hand-drawn artwork, you don’t need to be a talented artist; all you need are a few ideas to get started.

5. Keep it basic

Pick a straightforward design because there are straightforward guidelines for personalised hoodies. Complex designs do not effectively convey your message. Consider a straightforward yet stylish design that will improve your hoodie.

6. Color is important

You need to pay attention to two colours. One is for the design, and the other is for the hoodie. Choose dark shades for your design if you want to match the hoodie’s light colours and vice versa. To prevent your design from being obscured by the hoodie’s colour, choose complementary colours.

Make sure the branding is clearly visible if you are designing the hoodie for your business. Therefore, you must pick a vivid colour for the hoodie.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the colours you select for your customised hoodies also reflect your personality. For instance, if your hoodie is meant to be tranquil and quiet, use gentle colours; but, if you want to show off your bold and outgoing attitude, choose dark and vivid hues.

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7. The picture size

It takes a high-resolution image to print a design on a hoodie. You can better grasp the resolution factor by using your printer. Poor-quality photos will appear blurry in the printed version, so you’ll need to use one of the proper quality.

You can choose from tiny, medium, or big image dimensions. Ask your printer if the design you have chosen will be visible from at least a foot away at the final size you have selected. It does not imply that your design should be obtrusive or so minute as to be hardly perceptible. While experimenting, remember to prioritise readability and visibility in your design.

8. Design positioning

The front of a hoodie is the most preferred location for design placement. Few people favour patterns on the back of the pockets. Once more, there isn’t really a rule. The design may be placed anywhere as long as it is obvious, appealing, and simple, such as the back, sleeves, or pockets. Moreover, it depends on the situation. When purchasing promotional sweatshirts, you can add text to the back describing the offer or your services.

9. Why not include your name?

Putting your name on the custom sweatshirts you produce for yourself will make them distinctly yours. Your name will stick out and draw everyone’s attention if it is in the proper place and typeface. If you are making hoodies for family members, you can print their names on them to inspire them to wear their hoodies with pride even after the event.

10. The fabric’s quality matters

Because hoodies are popular due to their comfort, if your fabric is poor quality, the entire point of the personalised hoodie is lost. No matter what kind of fabric you select—cotton or wool—make sure the cloth is of the highest calibre.

The hoodie’s endurance is further assured by the high-quality fabric, which also ensures that the design will endure. Hoodies are entertaining clothing, but they are now also acceptable for formal occasions when worn with jackets. Therefore, the fabric quality must be good in order for them to look good in all settings.


Customized hoodies give people a glimpse of who you really are, thus the design should reflect that. Due to the fact that printing businesses frequently allocate a specified sum of money for a specific number of shirts, printing more than one hoodie can help you save money. Thus, making additional hoodies is helpful. You can create very spectacular and distinctive sweatshirts with the aid of a top-notch printing provider.

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