Punjabi Brides must buy jewellery sets online: Guide

Punjabi Brides must buy jewellery sets online: Guide
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Buy jewellery sets online are the best option for Punjabi weddings. As a result, no one can expect a Punjabi bride to be anything less than extravagant. It is admirable how a Punjabi bride carries herself with elan and grace. Each one is an accurate depiction of how a dream bride should appear on her wedding day. She shines from within and beyond, fully embodying her calm demeanor throughout the day. Typically, Punjabi women are honored with ancestral gems and bridal attire passed down from their ancestors. However, in addition to the already wonderful ideas of some amazing clothing and jewelry combinations, we are explaining some additional possibilities to help you produce something extraordinary.

So, if you’re a Punjabi bride searching for an authentic traditional appearance for your wedding, here’s a fast jewelry guide to assist you to make the best decisions.

  • Matha Patti :

Adorned with gems and made from gold, the matha Patti is an enhanced version of the maang tikka that is now worn by brides throughout India. 

  • Pajeb:

 Shimmering anklets with bells at the ends that chime with each step, the pajeb is usually hidden beneath a Punjabi bride’s lehenga. However, it remains a popular ornament that Punjabi brides consider important for their wedding attire.

  • Pasa:

Nothing says Punjabi more than a Patiala outfit. It looks stunning on any Sikh bride, but instead of the conventional necklace and bangles appearance, pairing it with a Passa would be much more unique and divine. For example, a pink suit with gold and pearl Pasa and jewelry would be gorgeous.

  • Choker:

The Punjabi bride’s choker ethnic necklace is both sophisticated and daring. The choker necklace, which is frequently coupled with a longer neckpiece, is studded with stones such as ruby, gems, kundan. pearls and emeralds.

  • Haathphool: 

A famous ornament throughout the South Asian continent, the haathphool is made of thin gold chains and rings with floral motifs. For smaller functions, like Haldi or Mehndi, the bride wears a haathphool made of actual colorful flowers.

  • Chooda & Kaleerein:

The chooda is a famous set of brilliant red and pearly white bangles worn by Punjabi brides on their wedding day. A newlywed is expected to wear it for 40 days following her wedding. The chooda’s red tint is considered lucky for a pair. Kaleerein is a must-have for any Punjabi bridal style. A domed ornament dangling from the bride’s chooda, these ornaments have evolved and are now also made of gold-plated materials.

  • Phul Saggi:

The Saggi phul, a middle gold head stud that holds the phulkari dupatta, is also engraved with floral motifs and is occasionally referred to by several names depending on its style.

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  • Stylish Gold Bangles

Any bride would look great in a Pista green lehenga with gold sequined embroidery over it. Adding hefty and bold kadas, bangles, and bracelets would bring out the fine work of the gold lehenga. The kada (thick bangle) is commonly worn by Punjabis, and in line with the magnificence of a wedding, the bride wears a kada created out of gold on her big day. Gold bangles, or choodiyan, are a must-have for any Indian wedding. They come in a range of shapes and sizes but are typically embellished with floral patterns.

  • Polki Jewelry

Punjabi brides have a punky and playful side to them, and if they choose to wear a peach-colored lehenga choli set embellished with Polki jewelry with brilliant red beaded layered threads, the outcome will be wonderful. Buy best-buy jewellery sets online in Polki.

  • Sets of Meenakari Jewellery

Meenakari is one of the most secure and beautiful bridal designs to wear on her wedding day. Pastel colors are very trendy for Punjabi brides these days, and they look gorgeous when paired with a Meenakari jewelry set. If you opt to wear a light pink lehenga, a Meenakari set with the same light pink enamel will look great with it.
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