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Kids and sports are a duet. When you are buying sportswear for your little champion, there are multiple factors one needs to take into consideration. You don’t want to buy something which will be uncomfortable or unsafe for your child. Since playing sports is an invigorating activity, the sportswear and sports gear you choose for your baby should be top-of-the-line. Rookie India website is a one-stop shop for all your baby boys clothes sports needs and we have compiled a list to make your life easier!

  1. Shorts will be your saviour!
    Be it boys sports shorts or a pair of jeans shorts for boys, they are both high on functionality and provide movement. Whether you’re going on a day hike followed by a picnic or it’s a junior basketball game, sports shorts are the highest selling item of clothing. Denim shorts go with all occasions. They can be paired with cotton shirts, funky T-shirts and even a jacket and high socks.
  2. Cool Cotton Tees and Warm Hoodies
    The combination provides the perfect balance. Cotton T-shirts are breathable and absorbent and prove to be the best sports companion. Pair it with a hoodie and you have yourself a safety net for prevention against a cold. After playing and sweating, a chill in the air can later cause a cold, so sports hoodies which will keep your kids’ body warm are a must. Nike and Converse have the smartest collection of T-shirts and Hoodies you could consider buying. They make these for a wide age range and are easily bought online with quality assurance.
  3. Shoes
    With all the mischief, running around and falling over with naughty boys, we don’t want their shoes holding them back. You need shoes for different sports like Running, Basketball, Football, Cricket or Tennis. Every Sport requires different shoes and you need a one-stop destination where you can find all. Converse, Nike and Jordan cater to a child’s every sporting need. They have all sorts of shoes for babies, toddlers and teens.
  4. Swimwear
    Swimming pools in the summer and beach trips in the winter, swimwear is an all-year necessity. As adults, we can wear swimwear from anywhere. But, when it comes to your baby, you want the best material, the most durable and most comfortable. Hurley makes the best swimwear and beachwear. Shop for little bikinis or monokinis, maybe a pair of beach shorts and an airy tee, they’ve got it all.
  5. Stock up on socks
    Comfortable socks with a good grip are crucial for a good sportsman. A pair of Nike socks with silicone grip is the ideal cost-effective sock for a future athlete.
  6. Comfort over style
    We wear high heels to work everyday, or wear that body-hugging dress which won’t let us breathe because sometimes, we put style over comfort. We don’t want that for our children. We want them to be at ease all the time. Choosing loose clothing, clothes which have a relaxed fit, and shoes which have soft padding are the way to go. Maintaining hygiene and comfort are the most compelling factors in a child’s wardrobe. 
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