Tips to Handle Negative Reviews from Customers

Tips to handle Negative Reviews
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The first impression is the last impression – if any of your customers are disappointed in you, it can harm the reputation of your business. Bad things spread like fire. Although you try to maintain the standards of your service, you can slip up keeping all your customers delightful.

No matter what kind of businesses you are running, you need to ensure that you are doing enough to please them with your products and services. Whether you own a restaurant or an ecommerce store, you should check no users have posted a negative comment about you on the internet.

Negative reviews can be deadly for your business. New people will read reviews before buying your products and service, and if they find that they are flooding, they will gallop to your competitors. It is natural to have some bad reviews, but you can respond to them nicely to nip it into the bud.

You do not need to wriggle out of admitting your mistakes if you are wrong. However, there are some cases when mistakes happen due to miscommunication. It is neither easy nor professional to put the entire blame on the customer. Here is how you can manage with them.

Acknowledge and apologise

Even if you know that your customer is not correct, you should acknowledge an issue. You can drop a message like “Thank you for giving us feedback and letting us know about the issue”. Acknowledgement is crucial to making your customer realise that you value them and do not fight shy to address the issue.

There is no point in acknowledging the issue if you are not going to make an apology. When you see a negative review or receive a complaint mail, you should straightaway send an apology. “We understand that you are extremely disheartened…Our apologies” should be the start of addressing an issue.

Customers have paid for it, and they would want to make a bang for their bucks. An apology can let their wrath up. Make a sincere apology, so it demonstrates that your business intends to deliver top-notch service.

Personalise your response

You cannot deal with all types of negative reviews with one standard response. Most companies save a standard format and keep sending them to every customer if any issue is raised.

Instead, you should try to personalise each response. Even if you acknowledge a grievance to your customer, make sure that it mentions their name instead of quoting “Dear customer”.

There are a few software applications that can help you deal with numerous complaints in a personalized way. You can fund them with bad credit loans in case you cannot pay for them outright.

Do not forget to mention when you will contact them, let them know the maximum time for the grievance solution.

Address the problem

Most of the time, companies get back to their customers within 24 hours. Make sure that you address the problem in detail. Tell them what the cause for the inconvenience caused to them. Show empathy, and do not forget to feel sorry.

If your actions have caused inconvenience to your customer, you should make it up to them. You can offer them a good deal of product or offer them an exclusive discount coupon to use in your next purchase. This will show them you value your customers, and they will stop being posting a negative review.

Do not take it personally

When you receive a customer complaint, you should not take it personally regardless of their faults. Sometimes people get extremely rude, and they get vituperative. That sounds offensive, but do not keep your hair on.

It is just what they are feeling now. Try to be euphemistic and understand what hurt them. You can take control of the situation if you react as soon as possible.

What about the negative reviews already posted?

A few customers will not get back to you with their complaints. They will post a review and go away. The tips mentioned above can help you solve the complaints of those who have tried to approach you before commenting on anything negative about your business.

How will you get rid of reviews that are already flooding the internet? If such reviews are too much, you need to understand why it is and then try not to repeat it.

If there are a few negative reviews, they are not going to damage your reputation, provided there are good reviews. There is nothing to worry about because sometimes your business cannot be a good fit for them, or it may be just a bad day.

The bottom line

If you want to handle bad reviews, you will have to follow the tips mentioned above. You cannot please all your customers, but you can minimize the number of unhappy customers.

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