Tips To Stay Safe Against Drug-Induced Violence At A Date

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Since Rohypnol and other so-called date rape drugs and club drugs like GHB and ketamine were first introduced into the US in the early 1990s, young women and girls, and young men as well, have increasingly fallen victim to date rape. You don’t need to be a victim of teen dating violence. Follow the tips mentioned below.

Educate Yourself

First of all, learn about the dangers of date rape and club drugs. What are their effects? What do they look like? You can do a Google search on date rape drugs, and you will find numerous links. 

Pour Your Own Beverages

Never allow someone else to pour your drinks. Pour everything you consume yourself. No falling for the “Can I freshen your drink?” by a friend. If you are in a restaurant or bar, only permit the waitress or bartender to pour and bring you your drink.

Never Leave Your Drink

Don’t leave your drink unattended, even if you have to go to the restroom or go out for a smoke or fresh air. If you do have to leave, get a fresh drink on your return. Maybe it costs you a little more money, but you’ll have the security of knowing it wasn’t tampered with while you were gone.

Never Sip a Drink You Left Unattended

Don’t be tempted to just sip from a drink you’ve left unattended – not even for a few minutes. It only takes a second or two for someone to slip a date rape drug into your drink – and then it’s too late.

Cover Your Drink

Especially in crowded areas, like dance floors and popular bars or parties, keep your fingers or hand over the top of your drink. This will foil anyone trying to slip a date rape drug into it without your knowledge.

Avoid Punchbowls

Never pour, ladle or consume drinks from a large open container, such as a punchbowl or pitcher. Even kegs can be doctored with date rape drugs. Steer clear.

Don’t Switch Drinks

Even if someone says, “You have to try this,” – politely refuse. Never switch or trade any drinks with someone else.

Watch Out For Strange Behavior

If your friends act or appear to be more intoxicated than what they’ve had to drink would normally account for, pay close attention. If your friend – or you – are intoxicated after you’ve only had a few sips or very little to drink, take your friend, or get help to immediately go to the emergency room.

Steer Clear of Anyone Joking about Date Rape Drugs

Anyone who makes a joke or kids about date rape drugs is a potential threat. Stay away from that individual and leave that location. Make a note of who the person is, including description, just in case there’s trouble later. Even if this is someone you know well, you don’t know everyone that well. Don’t take any chances. Besides protecting yourself, you may be able to protect someone else as long as you pay attention to details.

Beware Intrusion on Your Personal Space

If someone appears to be moving a little too close, intruding on your personal space, especially a date, who may not respect your boundaries, move away and tell them to back off. Be polite and respectful but firm. You don’t want to permit anyone access to slip you a date rape drug.

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