Top 4 Questions Indians Ask about Linux Shared Hosting?

Linux shared hosting in India
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Have you ever hosted your website online? Then you must have heard about Linux shared hosting in India. It is a web hosting service that is very popular and used by most new website owners to host their websites online.

We Indians always want things that come at cheap prices and give us maximum profit. And Shared hosting is one of those things. 

Hello, my name is Pallavi, I am a web hosting analyst and advisor. I’m going to tell you about India’s favorite Web hosting service: shared hosting, as well as the top questions that people ask about Linux, and shared hosting in India.

What is Shared Hosting?

Before I tell you about the four questions about Shared hosting let me first tell you about What India Linux shared hosting servers are. 

Every website requires a web server in order to be get hosted online. Without a web server, no website can go online. And there are many web hosting services available in the market and shared hosting is one of them.

In shared hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a single server by the web hosting company. All websites share all the resources and features that come along with the server.

Top 4 FAQs About Linux shared Hosting in India

As I mentioned earlier, we Indians want everything that is affordable and offers maximum benefits. Therefore, Linux Shared hosting in India is one of the most popular Web hosting services.

Question.1 What is The Working Process of Linux Shared Hosting in India?

Basically, all websites that are hosted on a shared server share all server resources which included: RAM, Storage space, CPU usage, Etc.

Because there are so many websites on the same server, some scripts and apps are pre-installed. Such as, every website runs on the same operating system.

All websites use the same server resources because of the common platform. However, the hosting company allocates resources according to the plan the user purchases.

Question.2 Why Linux shared hosting in India is a good option to host my Website?

For new websites, Linux shared hosting in India is the most inexpensive web hosting service. In fact, it is the cheapest web hosting service in all hosting services.

If you are starting a new website then it will take a lot of time to grow and face a large number of visitors. Also at starting there is only a few chances that you have added a lot of content to your website. So it doesn’t require a lot of server resources. 

During that time, Linux Shared Web hosting in India is the best option you can ask to host your website online. It is cheap, fast, scalable, and most importantly helps your website to grow further. And once your website grows you can easily migrate your Shared hosting to another web hosting service.

Question.3 Are There Any Disadvantages of Using Linux Shared Hosting in India?

In the beginning, No, there are no disadvantages to shared hosting. But if your website is grown and faces more than 400-500 visitors daily. Then shared hosting might not be able to fulfill your website’s requirements. Shared Hosting is not meant for that it only works best with a small website and a new website.

Moreover, if you Buy Linux Shared hosting in India from an unreliable web hosting company then you will find then there can be a lot of issues can come up, like, security, performance, and server crash problems. Because some companies just host thousands of websites on a single server for more profit.

And the final con of Shared hosting is that you can’t get root access. And you cannot do any changes to your server.

Question.4 How Shared Hosting is Different From Other Web hosting Services?

If we talk about other web hosting services then Dedicated Hosting is a type of web hosting where all the resources of the primary server are solely dedicated to a single user’s website. However, it is the most expensive Web hosting service. And only very large businesses and organizations use this hosting for their website.

In VPS, a primary server is divided into multiple Virtual servers by the web hosting company. Then they allot each VPS to different users. Although the primary server is shared with multiple users still all users get a completely private server. Is a very good alternative for dedicated hosting but it is best for medium-grown websites.

I already told you about Linux Shared hosting in India and how it works. So overall, it is the cheapest and best option for small business websites.

Final Words

These were the most frequently asked question about cheap Linux Shared hosting in India. I hope you are satisfied with the answers I have provided you. I have done a lot of research and I have found that it is very important that you choose a reliable web hosting provider to get The best Linux Shared hosting in India plan.  An SSL certificate, good technical support, and a control panel are just some of the things that only a good web hosting company can provide. 

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