4 Safety Reasons to Use LED Floodlight

LED Floodlight
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In this age, LED floodlight is regressively overpowering halogen or traditional outdoor lighting solutions. Thanks to the ‘Thanos level technology upgradation’ in the lighting industry– like LEDs, flood lights can strengthen the security and safety of the economy. 

LED flood light fixtures have an impeccable ability to provide bright, anti-glare and sustainable illumination to light up colonies, roads, shipyards, construction sites, manufacturing plants and other outdoor settings. The latest LED luminaires are so versatile in functionality that they can be installed in different areas to deliver long-lasting brightness in the dark. 

Moreover, the benefits of LED flood lights are not limited to providing bright and vibrant luminosity but have many other advantages for ensuring the safety and security of people. Look further to get better insights on the same.

High visibility

By now you know, LEDs offer good-quality lighting. However, along with this, it also produces clear illumination which provides high visibility of the path ahead from a distance. Furthermore, they do not flicker or generate dim light. This is the reason why many remote areas prefer LED flood light fixtures. 

Versatile colour temperature

Monochromatic light is produced by older lighting technologies like low-pressure bulbs, which makes it difficult to see at night. LED lighting, in contrast, emits light with a considerably wider spectrum that is much closer to sunshine.

How warm or chilly the light looks is determined by its colour temperature. The temperature ranges from 1,000K to 10,000K in degrees Kelvin, with sunlight falling between 3,000K (sunrise) and 6,500K. (daytime sun).

Detering crime

The main function of an LED security light is to deter crime, and integrating LED flood lighting solutions enables them to function even when there is no power. Nowadays, solar-powered luminaires are available to provide uninterrupted illumination whenever required. Furthermore,  criminals are not known to operate in areas where they can be quickly apprehended, so installing such LED fixtures that are not dependent on an electricity grid can prevent crime in the area and make it easier to spot any criminal activity if it happens.

Safety Is Assured

LED floodlights are among the lighting alternatives that safety experts believe to be the most secure. This is because accidents involving electricity and fire are less likely to happen because of the reduced heat emission.

Eliminate hiding spots 

Another benefit we get from installing LED floodlights is that they eliminate potential hiding spots along with pedestrian routes. These lighting solutions efficiently light up the entire area, including every nook and corner, that might be a hiding place for burglars or criminals, etc. Whether it is a parking area, a pathway or a street, walking or passing through such regions becomes safer after installing LED flood light fixtures. 

Along with these features and benefits, LED floodlights also provide facial recognition from a distance. They are even equipped with motion sensors to alert, making people alert as required. 

Wipro Lighting understands the significance of having a safe and sustainable environment for communities to work and live healthily. Hence, we continuously strive to offer the best luminaires with advanced technology, better cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. 

We have a wide range of luminaires such as Alpha Floodlights, compatible with airport, monument, and column lighting, with all the above-mentioned benefits to reap. 

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