What is SEO and How does it Benefit your Company?

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SEO for its acronym in English Search Engine Optimization, means “optimization for search engines”. It deals with the set of disciplines, optimization strategies and techniques that we can implement for the positioning of our website in search engines.

SEO is not only used for search engines but also for users. The content must be fundamentally relevant and that they speak clearly and concretely.

Google today prioritizes those websites where their pages are being optimized and where content relevant to the user, new and updated is uploaded. It is thanks to these strategies that web pages acquire their Page Rank.

Digital visibility today is a fundamental aspect to get more leads, customers and as a purpose to convert our users into future consumers. That is why SEO is important for your company to stand out from your competition.

Having a web page that has a good optimization allows you to achieve the goals of conversion and return on investment. Saving time and money in the long term is possible through the SEO positioning strategy.

Benefits of implementing SEO to our company

The benefits of implementing SEO strategies for our website go beyond appearing in the first places of search engines. When we properly manage the SEO positioning of our brand, it has a direct impact on the marketing strategy.

Therefore, the optimization strategies and techniques acquired and implemented on your website benefit both online and offline. Your website becomes the showcase for your products or SEO services cairns.

Being able to position yourself in the first places of search engines increases brand visibility and therefore generates attraction towards your users, thus generating more traffic to the web. This action increases the probability of converting a click into a sale.

Return on SEO investment

As we know, the main benefit that we expect when investing in some action is that it be profitable and, in the case of digital positioning, Organic. Getting our website to appear in the first results in search engines is a job that requires dedication and good content that does not involve any cost outside of SEO specialists.

Web usability through SEO optimization

Optimization actions improve the usability of your web page, generating a friendly and easy-to-navigate environment for users to perform certain actions on your site. One of these actions can be making a purchase or registering your data.

In Google Analytics you will be able to monitor these optimization actions and see if they are really working or if they need adjustments. If you implement all these tools, users will stay longer on your website and it will reduce your bounce rate.

Improve the loading time of your website

Managing a good optimization of your SEO on page such as supervising the code so that it does not lead to errors, optimizing the weight and size of images and performing optimization tasks on your server so that the requests received are transmitted quickly and effectively.

Load time in user experience – Henchman

These SEO tasks carried out by SEO specialists will considerably reduce the loading time of your web page. These actions turn your page into a friendly and responsive interface for users who access your page from any device.


Users, like Google, recognize that the first results in search engines are of quality, which gives greater trust and brand authority to your web page. If Google positions us in the first places, it means that we are doing things right and that our optimization plan is on the right track.

Many users prefer organic results than SEM payment ones, as there is an ecosystem that filters unwanted and unreliable pages, since anyone can pay to obtain these momentary results.


SEO positioning is an essential marketing strategy for all companies that want to be successful on the Internet. With a good SEO implementation, your web page will have greater visibility and will attract more quality users, positioning your brand ahead of your competition, increasing the volume of organic traffic and guaranteeing more visibility for web pages.

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