What You Should Not Leave Off Your Resume

What You Should Not Leave Off Your Resume
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Resume have made qualified candidates miss lifetime opportunities.  Most lose the job because they omitted important information on their application. Employers look for more than your qualification. They want to know whether you are keen on details which they get by looking at your paper. Ensure you impress your dream job recruiter.  The Internet has cheap resume writing services. Here are essential things to include in your CV. 

Contact information 

Applicants think that it’s enough to include their contact information on their application letter. They do not see the need to explain how someone can get them in their resume. But, sometimes, the two documents get separated. If your recruiter is left with the CV only, they don’t have a way of reaching you if you are qualified.  

Leaving out your contact information may be a sign of irresponsibility.  Your employer does not expect you to forget such vital information, usually included at the beginning of your paper. If you never saw the error, it means you did not edit your work. Now they have a reason not to read your unedited copy. 

Give all contacts on how the employer can reach you.  In the early days, people used to include their postal address in the application. But, the world has advanced. No one sends job offers through the post office.  You will either get a call or an email from the recruiter 

Statement of purpose 

It’s an essential part of a resume that gets ignored.  Though it’s not a must to include it, its presence adds value to your application. As the name suggests, the statement states the purpose of your resume. It tells your recruiter why you are applying for the job. 

In most cases the sections talks of what you will gain by working in the organization. For instance, it may state your objective is to work as a manager, and the current job opportunity will build a firm ground for you. You can also briefly statement your qualification. But, this section should be short and precise.  


Your resume should have the correct grammar. Your first impression will determine whether your employer will give you the job.  It’s better to spend hours editing your work than to send the unedited application. 

Organizations use grammar to disqualify candidates.  You must understand that you are not the only one who is qualified for the job. Employers get hundreds of qualified applicants, and they don’t have time to read all the applications. So, they look for a way to cut off some applicants by looking for grammar errors. 

Use grammar tools to ensure your work is clean. The Internet has applications that you can use to edit your work. Most of them use Grammarly and Hemingway editor.  They help you to remove complex and apparent mistakes in your application. For instance, they replace grammar errors, wordy sentences, and fluffy words. Learn more about these tools from the internet 


Applicants do not include their references unless when asked to in the job application form. But, this is the reason many never get a call for an interview.  Your employer wants to know how much information you are willing to give for the post because some jobs require volunteering information. 

References show your openness. Recruiters want to have an unblemished person. Volunteering to include a referee shows you are not hiding anything.  Your employer may not bother to contact them since you have gained their trust. 

Contact your referees first before including them in your resume. It’s not a must that the manager in the organization where you did your internship to remember you.  Unless you had a personal or close relationship with the director, they would forget you just like other junior employees.  Some will even deny ever working with you. 

Professional development 

 Apart from the regular qualification, what else are you doing to advance your career? Including such information will increase your chances of getting a job. Your employer will be glad to hire someone with more skills. 

 Having extra skills show that you can advance your career if given an opportunity. Organizations look for a productive person for hire. They don’t want someone comfortable with what they have attained.  Only include professional courses related to the job. 


Include what you achieved in your previous job posting.  Your employer wants to see whether you are result-oriented, or they will keep on pushing you to hit the target. Put the achievement in a way that will impress your recruiter. 

These are the things to never leave them off from your resume.  Ensure to include them in your document to increase your chances of getting a better job. Contact us to help you write your copy. Do not risk your career because of incorrect spelling and omitted information.

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